Summer Reading

The skin you live in.

By Michael Tyler Illustrated by David Lee Csicsko 

Whenever you look at you beautiful skin.From your wriggling toes to your giggling grin.Think how lucky you are that the skin you live in.So beautifully holds the “you” who’s within. 

When Michael Tyler started looking for ways to convey to his son that he needed to see beyond skin color, the skin you live in was born. Written in fun, engaging poetry, this charming story illustrates the many things we do that define us as people: way beyond the to constraints of skin color. The skin you live in is an excellent teaching tool for parents and teachers who are looking for ways to tackle topics like differences in people, friendships, acceptance and self-esteem. Available from Chicago Children’s Museum through Independent Publishers Group. At bookstores, by calling 1-800-888-4741 or online

Ruby Sings the Blues

Story and pictures by Niki Daly 

Ruby is loud. She annoys her neighbors, her teachers and finally her friends with her boisterous voice. Every effort to quiet her down fails and threatens to squash her irrepressible spirit and zeal. When the saxophone player and the jazz singer who live in the basement apartment of her building hear her though, they make her an offer she can’t refuse.  They turn this spirited little girl into a star. This engaging story about individuality and creativity is sure to teach every boisterous child (and her parents) that loud is not necessarily bad, and that every child has her niche. Look for Ruby Sings the Blues at bookstores nationwide and online

Tooth Fairy’s First Night

By Anne Bowen. Illustrated by Jon Berkeley 

How many kids wonder about the true story of the Tooth Fairy? This adorable story is about Sally, a 7-year-old tooth fairy on her very first assignment, as she sets out to earn the title of full-fledged Tooth Fairy. Her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother arm her with her very own tooth fairy purse and the three most important rules a good fairy must follow and she sets out. Her first assignment is a little girl named Miranda Kay who has misgivings about the authenticity of the tooth fairy, so she tests her by leaving clues for Sally to follow. Kinds will love following the hints left behind by the little girl, and the delightful surprise ending is great fun for kids and parents. Published by Lerner Publishing, Tooth Fairy’s First Night is available in bookstores nationwide, by calling 1-800-328-4929 or online

Animal Stackers

By Jennifer Belle Illustrated by David McPhail 

Calling all parents looking for ways to teach their child how to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Animal Stackers is the perfect way to do it. Beautiful illustrations by David McPhail are the perfect compliment to this collection of poetry about the things kids love…animals. From ants to elephants, these whimsical poems are sure to delight while they teach the alphabet in rhyme. Perfect for the preschool and early elementary set, Animal Stackers is published by Hyperion Books and is available in bookstores nationwide. 

Little Miss Liberty 

By Chris Robertson 

In the spirit of the statue of Liberty’s 120th anniversary and the Fourth of July, debut writer and illustrator Chris Robertson has created a charming story about the origin of the Statue of Liberty. From the moment of her birth, it’s pretty clear that Little Miss Liberty is unusual. She is a little bit green, for one thing, and she is bigger than all the other kids. She soon outgrows her clothes, her house, and finally her city. Her voracious reading and interest in the world around her takes her on a pilgrimage to find her niche – just the right spot where she can finally feel at home. This cute story is sure to entertain kids ages 4 and up. Available from Chronicle Books at bookstores nationwide. 

The Glorious American Songbook: A Classic Illustrated Edition 

Compiled by Cooper Edens 

If music defines us, the songs of The Glorious American Songbook are the definition of this great country we live in as much as the Declaration of Independence. Songs about every aspect of American history from the Revolutionary War to the Gold Rush are represented in this classic collection. Just in time for the Fourth of July, this collection of songs is truly reminiscent of simpler times. Complete with illustrations and music, The Glorious American Songbook is a treasury of songs our parents and grandparents knew and loved. Published by Chronicle Books and available in July 2005 at bookstores nationwide.

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