Recruit 4-6 New Consultants in One Month

By Janice M. Copeland

Since the kids are back in school, now is the time to think of how you will spend your days. If you are in or have been thinking of joining a direct sales business, read the below information on how to jumpstart your business by focusing on recruiting new consultants.

If you’d like to have 4 new consultants 4 weeks from now, sit back and get ready to learn how you can make it happen and start creating the team you’ve always wanted.

Why do I want to recruit?

We have to know what we will be getting as a result of the hard work so that when the going gets tough, we have a reason to keep going! So, let’s list some of the reasons why we want to start focusing NOW on the recruiting or sponsoring side of your business:

It may be that recruiting will:

  • Increase your pay-out each month
  • Increase your level within the company
  • Get you recognition

Once you’ve uncovered the “why” for recruiting, there are actions you need to take in order to reach your recruiting goals.

3 steps for successful recruiting:

When thinking about recruiting, it should bring thoughts of excitement in sharing your wonderful business opportunity! The more genuine and excited you are about sharing, the more likely it is that she will be interested and want to join your team!

Are you genuinely happy to be a part of the company? Why? Share your why with the potential recruit. Are you ready to commit to helping your new recruit succeed? Tell her so.

Step One: Hold the proper mindset about your business, the parent company and your team and desire to put together the BEST team, prior to attempting any recruiting. Get excited!

Step Two: Look under your nose for those whom you would like to approach. Spend time looking through your past orders of the shows you have done. If you do not currently keep these, you need to begin effective immediately! Those who come to a show are much more likely to be interested in hearing about the opportunity than those who shy away from direct sales companies all together.

Now you have a list of potential recruits. You want to zero in on those you enjoy being around. If you were a manager or leader in corporate America, you would naturally hire those people whom you feel an affinity with—you want to apply that same principle to growing your down-line. This team you are growing will be your team! You want the cohesive one!

Step Three: Put together a strategy that’s realistic for your schedule. That includes contacting each prospect twice! I always recommend we first send a personal card or email to them. Within that personal note or email, you want to get across at least 4 things to the prospective new consultant:

#1- You have hand picked her! You want to make sure she knows you have been doing some serious thinking about whom you know who would be successful and you chose her!

#2- You are currently growing your business by leaps and bounds, you love your company and its mission and products and you would feel remiss if you did not share this awesome opportunity with her. You want to convey that it is a wonderful company with quality products and definite rewards for those who join.

#3- You believe she would do very well in this business. You want to make sure she knows that you have seen the successful ones in the company and you truly believe that she can be one of them!

#4 – You will support and train her. While it is definitely hard work, you will share the secrets to success and help her get off to a dynamic start.

Call each recipient of the notes/emails exactly 2 days after sending them out.

You simply can not expect a letter or note to make someone take action upon it. You need to reach out to them a second time. It will take an average of 6-8 repetitions to make someone take action on something they’ve read, even if they truly need or want it, thus, the importance of calling exactly 2 days after sending the note.

You will do this for at least a 2 week time period. So you will need to commit to diligently adhering to this strategy for a period of 14 days. Can you do that? If you reach out to 40 people with a personalized note and a personal phone call, you should at least gain a face to face meeting with 6 people and at least sign on 2 new consultants-which is 1 per week. Understand it will take much effort and focus in order to make it happen.

Be sure that you don’t come across as needing to build a team. Instead, you want to come across as ‘now is the time to join my team of successful ladies on a mission of fun, profit and business ownership!’

Go for it! You now know how!

Janice is a mother of three and owns Unlimited Growth Potential, a company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build successful businesses! Call her at 703-737-6640 to schedule your FREE coaching session to discuss your



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