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“Make sure your photographer uses archival paper such as Kodak Endura.  It is not unheard of for your pictures to be in your family for 50-100 years.  Most pictures are digital and the files could be archived.  Ask your photographer about their plan for archiving.” –Lisa Solomon of Lisa Solomon Photography

“Now that we have digital equipment, consider converting your family picture to black-and-white or sepia.  It helps create a mood that is very different from the usual and black-and-white is available anywhere.”–Diana Adams of Studio Diana Art & Photography

“My photo philosophy for taking great portraits is to be discreet and most importantly, patient!  Engage the child in an activity that will bring out their little personalities (reading a favorite book, coloring/painting, singing songs, sitting up, belly time, dancing, tickling, furniture surfing, taking a bath, picking flowers, etc..). Look for the moments that make you smile. These are amazing times of growth and change in your child’s life.  It’s so fun as a parent to witness the moments happen, it’s even more precious to capture the moments for a lifetime.” –Mary Gardella of Love Life Images

“I usually recommend a newborn photo shoot during the baby’s first ten days. This may sound soon and it really does depend on how everyone is feeling. If the family is up for it, then this is such a great time for a photo session; sometimes it is hard to remember how tiny those little hands and feet actually were!” –Nicole Driscoll of Driscoll Photography

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