Parent You Should Know: Matthew Breman

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One of the aspects of Matthew Breman’s new home-based business that he is most excited about is the opportunity to spend more time with his family.

In addition to daily activities such as getting the kids to and from school or helping them with homework, Breman is looking forward to incorporating fitness into their routine as well.

“Regular exercise, including weekly soccer pick-up games, will continue to be an important outlet for my mental and physical wellbeing,” he says.

These activities tie in directly with Breman’s new venture.

In July, the Silver Spring father of three became the owner of a franchise of Apex Leadership Co. in Montgomery County, which offers a two-week program that teaches children leadership and character lessons through fitness. The program’s online fundraising platform helps schools and clubs to increase what they normally raise through traditional means.

Breman lives with his wife Rachel and children Sebastian (a rising tenth grader), Aviva (a rising seventh grader), and Leora (a rising fourth grader).

He spoke to Washington FAMILY about fatherhood and what he’s hoping to learn from his career in the coming months.

How do you balance the responsibilities that come with owning a franchise with the responsibilities of being a father and husband?


I am just starting out, so there will be much to learn over the coming months and years. Nevertheless, I have been a Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Dad for 10 years, with three kids currently in MCPS schools, so that will facilitate my entry into the business of working with PTAs and schools.

Has your role as a father given you any insight into how Apex can best serve students and young people? Or conversely, has the work Apex does with young people given you any insight into how best to be a father to your children?


Being a father has highlighted for me the importance of a) listening to, supporting, and validating our children for who they are, always with a positive attitude; and b) how critical socio-emotional or life skills are to our kids’ success, at school, in the home and eventually in the workplace.

I am excited to see how Apex’s leadership and character lessons, which are designed to meet student needs using Positive Behavioral Interventions Support (PBIS) best practices to improve student/school outcomes, can complement MCPS’ new social emotional learning “Leader in Me” curriculum (also grounded in PBIS).

Apex has many fantastic testimonials from teachers and parents about the positive impact Apex has had on their kids, from how they began taking on leadership roles in the classroom to proactively doing chores and helping around the house.

To anyone reading this article who may have their own business and struggle to find time to spend with their family, is there anything you’d like to say, or any advice you might have?


I too am on a lifelong journey to balance work and family. I have always worked crazy hours, relying on exercise to keep me mentally and physically fit. Starting my own business will challenge me, yet I will strive to follow a few things I try to remind myself (of): 1) Plan Family Activities – planning and carving out time in the week to spend with family and/or getting a fun activity or trip on the calendar that everyone can look forward to keeps things positive when life gets stressful; and 2) Find Balance – work hard, yet stay positive and even keeled during the peaks and valleys, and try to laugh as much as possible.

Laughing and smiling helps you to relax and elevates your mood and that of others around you too!


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