Post-Holiday Gift Guide: Kids, Teens and Parents

The holidays get a lot of hype, but if you didn’t find the perfect gift for your family in time, now might be the best opportunity to look. Shopping malls are having post-holiday sales, and we’ve put together a guide for the little kids, teens and parents in your life. Any DMV family can explore picks from the whimsical to the practical. 

If you haven’t already, create a new tradition with your family and celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas, which began on Dec. 25 and last through Jan. 5.

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The Best Gifts For Kids

A Fabulous Doll House 

Why settle for a doll house when your child’s dolls deserve a mansion? This wooden HAPE mansion even comes with furniture and a doll family. The lucky dolls that call this dream house their own have everything from a working doorbell to a patio perfect for bar-b-ques. 

Fidget Fest

If your kid can’t sit still, Tangle fidgets are the perfect stocking stuffer. Little hands can twist, turn and tangle these small toys. They come in a variety of colors and textures so there is something for everyone. 

LEGO Sets Galore

LEGO bricks are a staple of childhood for good reason. They offer endless possibilities to create while simultaneously teaching kids foundational science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. Some of the best sets for the holiday are Monster Trucks from the Technic series that really move, a Harry Potter Quidditch set and the Sanderson Sisters Cottage.  

Playful Playmobil

The Playmobil universe is vast. It includes everything from pirates to fairy princesses and Greek Gods. It’s impossible to go wrong with this classic. Consider a Rainbow Castle in the Clouds set with a whimsical pegasus for smiles all year long. 

Hide n’ Seek Bags

Idle hands create messes. Keep your little one’s hands busy with viral busy bags. BizyBoo bags with hidden letters and objects are guaranteed to make quiet time a little more pleasant for everyone. 

Light-Up Balls

It may get dark way too early, but that doesn’t mean playing ball in the yard needs to stop. Nightballs light up and stay illuminated until your game is over. Choose from footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs, or get a variety to keep things interesting. 

A Gourmet Play Kitchen 

Kids have been eating their whole lives, so it’s natural for them to want to cook up their own meals from time to time. Little ones and hot stoves don’t mix very well, but you can satisfy their curiosity by bringing a high-quality toy kitchen into the house. A wooden gourmet kitchen and fridge set from HAPE is a durable, and adorable, choice that will spark creativity for years to come. 

Special Stuffie

Kids can never have too many stuffies, but eventually, they all start to look alike. Up the stuffie game with a weighted plush from Bumpas. These unique stuffies create deep pressure that many children find calming. They also have arms that are perfectly proportioned to hug your child. Each Bumpa has its own personality from gentle and soulful to cheerful and encouraging. Pick the one that best suits your child for the perfect gift.  

Everything The Need to Stay Warm

For everyone’s sanity, kids need to get out all winter long. Kids don’t care if the ground is covered in snow or how low temperatures drop. Make sure they stay warm with all the right gear. A fantastic baselayer like the Taival from Reima is a great choice to put on under your child’s regular clothes to keep them toasty no matter how wet they get. Pair with some Kamik boots and they are good to go. Get matching gear for yourself so you can join in the fun.  

The Nicest Night Light

Are there monsters in your child’s closet? This rechargeable lantern from Biolight will banish even the fiercest creatures. Even the littlest little ones can light up their room with anything from a warm glow to a cheerful rainbow with a push of a button. It’s small enough to pack for overnights at Grandma’s house or to throw in a carry-on bag so your child can always sleep well no matter where they are. 

Teens + Tweens 

Arty LEGO sets

Kids don’t outgrow LEGO just because they get bigger, although how they play with them may change. Tweens and teens will love creating their very own wall art with advanced LEGO sets like Housaki Great Wave

Plaid Shacket

This winter, plaid shackets are the must-have accessory.  WoolX’s Sawyer Shacket designed for cold weather is the perfect choice to keep D.C. teens warm all season long. Even teens resistant to wearing coats will appreciate staying cozy while looking good. 

Wake-Up Light

Does the teen in your life have a hard time getting out of bed for school? You aren’t alone. The WiiM Wake-Up Light can help, with a gentle sunrise feature that lights up the room slowly to a built-in Alexa that can play your teen’s favorite music first thing in the morning. While there isn’t anything that can guarantee your teen gets out of bed in time on cold, winter mornings, this handy device can help stack the odds in your favor. 

 A Backpack that Lasts

Throughout elementary school, kids prefer backpacks with dinosaurs and rainbows. While cute, they don’t last long. Give your teen an upgrade with a sophisticated backpack that will last. A unisex day-to-day backpack from Carl Freidrick is the perfect choice. Another option is a sleek, City Pack Pro with built-in laptop protection and plenty of pockets for organization. 

Colorful Lights

Bring a little color and a lot of fun to your teen’s room without busting out the paintbrush. A GE CYNC Dynamic Effects Smart LED Light Strip syncs with music or other sounds. It’s a great choice to up your teen’s space, whether they prefer Taylor Swift or gaming. 

Gaming Galore

A brand-new Xbox may not be in the budget for every family, but the holidays are a good opportunity to spruce up the gaming set your child already has. Power A controllers are a good choice. Some controllers rumble and light up so they can take their gaming to the next level.  

Better Ear Buds

Does your teen always forget to charge their earbuds? Are you worried they will get injured because they are too engrossed in a Taylor Swift song? Raycon Fitness earbuds last up to 56 hours on a single charge. Plus, they come equipped with “awareness mode” that helps ensure the sounds around your teen don’t get drowned out so they can stay safe.   

Travel Gear

Chances are teens have been using a kid-sized suitcase or borrowing Mom and Dad’s for too long. The holidays are a great time to get your teen a study, stylish suitcase that will take them on overnights with the family, on college tours and all types of adventures. Monos is an excellent choice that will help them travel into adulthood with ease.

Cozy Socks

On the rare occasions teens leave their rooms, they want to be out and about. Teens may not agree to wear a winter coat, but a pair of fashion-forward PACA socks will keep their feet warm no matter how much snow is on the ground. These socks, made from alpaca fibers that are softer than cashmere, are cozy as can be. 

The “It” Cup

There is no doubt about it. Stanley cups, mugs and water bottles are the only way to hydrate. Getting one is a win-win, since your teen will be happy and you can sleep well at night knowing they are drinking enough water. 


An Upgraded Television

It’s supposed to be a very snowy winter. That means lots of time at home with the kids. After sledding and playing board games, cabin fever sets in. That’s when a new television becomes the MVP. A Hisene smart-assistant-enabled TV with stunning pictures and sound is a fantastic choice. 

Sleepy Time

Whether they head to the office or chase after little ones all day, Mom and Dad work hard. When night falls and it’s time to wind down, they deserve the comfiest pajamas available. Fishers Finery silk pajamas bring a little luxury to every night, even if days are anything but. 

A Better Bag

No matter where Mom goes, she needs a place to stash her stuff. A Botkier crossbody or tote are both excellent choices depending on how much Mom carries with her every day. These timeless styles are the perfect choice for the person who always puts her family first. 

Clothes that Go Anywhere 

This winter, Mom can get in on the snowy fun while staying comfortable and looking chic. Wool& merino tops and pants are perfect for layering or wearing on their own. Plus, they are easy to clean, a must for anyone who spends a lot of time around kids. 

The Ultimate Baby Carrier

Having a baby shouldn’t slow anyone down. The Kelty Journey PerfectFit Child Carrier is the clear choice for carrying babies around town, on trails and anywhere life takes you. It’s lightweight and even has a built-in backpack. 

A Great Garmin (Watch)

Parents never have enough time. Plus, it’s easy to get lost taking kids to all of their various activities. Fortunately, Garmin smartwatches to help Mom and Dad stay on task are available at a variety of price points. It’s the perfect way to make sure busy parents get texts, calls, reminders and more right from their wrist. 

For the Adventurous Parent

Keeping up with DMV weather is difficult. The SuperStrand Hoodie from Outdoor Research is the perfect choice for on-the-go parents. It’s lightweight while being very warm. Fleece-lined Pro Winter pants from Royal Robbin are a great gift to take parents wherever they need to go until things start to thaw in the spring. Another perfect present for the adventurous family is a Thermarest Vela Quilt. Lay it down for a winter playdate in the park or use to it stay warm anywhere outdoors, even in below-freezing temperatures. A new family tent from Sea to Summit is another fantastic choice. 

New Kicks

Most parents make sure their kids always get new shoes, but they aren’t as good at keeping their own footwear up to date. Get them a pair of new sneakers from Zappos to stay comfy and on-trend. 

The Best Sound

Sometimes, parents need to dial in to tune out. A pair of Denon Pearl L earbuds with signature Denon sound, noise cancelation and customizable touch controls make these earbuds stand out.  

Quince Clothing

Looking good doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Get Mom and Dad some new threads from Quince, which sells trending styles for less. Quince is famous for its $50 cashmere sweater, but it’s a great place to grab any luxe item parents haven’t wanted to splurge on for themselves. 


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