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Elizabeth Thorp

Elizabeth Thorp is a travel writer, family travel expert and the founder of a swanky family travel website and curated catalog of mom-tested and Poshbrood-approved family friendly properties. Poshbrood offers real parent reviews, travel deals, and celebrityinterviews. Check out her blog!

Very Busy Mama

Maria Jose

My blog is about sharing things that we as busy mothers and women love such as fashion, beauty, fitness but often put aside when the children come along. I write about working with what you have, how to shop your own closet and staying stylish on  a MAJOR budget. Check out her blog!

Clarendon Moms

Angelica Talan

Angelica (Huesca) Talan is a former Television and Film Actress and Commercial Print Model turned Mommy turned Blogger. I have an enormous passion for sharing my knowledge with others and my blog is just one of the avenues I use. Check out her blog!


Danielle Larkins

Danielle Larkins is a mom of two, writer, and blogger at Typed; a blog for women and parents. She aims to provide her readers with thoughtful content, inspirations, and a sense of normalcy. Topics include: parenting, life experiences, food, beauty, fashion, and DIY. Check out her blog!

Mom the Magnificent

Robyn Davis

Hi! Im Robyn- wife, mom, and lover of life! I live here in Northern Virginia with my husband and 3 kids. My passions are Moms, parenting, “being in the know,” and sharing my opinions! My blog exists to encourage and inspire moms and women, keep you in the know, share product reviews, and of course share my Tales, Tips, & Tricks of the Trade along the way! Check out her blog!

PWC Moms

Kristina Kotlus

I grew up in Prince William County and only left long enough to go to college at Holy Cross, get married, and come back.  I love it here, and Ihope that my site of kid-friendly events will help keep your family happy and busy. Check out her blog!

Kid Trips

Micaela Williamson

I love going out with my kids and want to make Super NOVAMommy your place to find out about free and cheap kid-friendly events in the Northern VA  area, read fun articles, and enter great giveaways. Check out her blog!

Beltway Bargain Mom

Laura Harders

My name’s Laura and I’m a native of the Washington, DC metro area. I’m abusy mom of two, who happens to coupon, teach workshops, home school and blog – I wear many different hats and keep uber-busy… Typical Washingtonian! Check out her blog!

Hip As I Wanna Be

Jennifer Gerlock

A blog about one working woman and her quest to successfully juggle work, life, marriage, and the mania of male offspring while struggling to maintain her mojo. Check out her blog!

Moneywise Moms

Gina Lincicum

Moneywise Moms shares her strategies, tips for planning and organization, and ways to have FUN on a tight budget. I also do lots of great giveaways. Check out her blog!

MomTini Lounge

Amy Kossoff Smith

The MomTini Lounge is your “go-to” for the “how-to” of The Business of Motherhood. We share tips, tools, and creative ideas to manage the demands of running a household. Check out her blog!

A Parent in Silver Spring

Jessica McFadden

My name is Jessica. I’m a blogging mother of three who is happily surprised that her website is read by thousands of parents daily! Since founding A Parent in Silver Spring in January 2008, it has grown to become both a top “mom blog must-read” and the go-to resource for Washington, DC area parents. Check out her blog!

Brenda’s Blog

Brenda Hyde

After 23 years, I’ve decided to descend from the helm of my baby, FAMILY Magazine, and move to the Middle East with my husband. I’ve left the Magazine in great hands and am excited to start on my new adventure. My blog is my way of keeping up with my great DC network of friends! Check out her blog!

Twofer Mom

Janine Nickel

My goal for this blog is to record my life, entertain those reading it, and when applicable, inform. Check out her blog!

Scary Mommy

Jill Smokler

Jill is a domestic satirist whose candor and wit about the underbelly of marriage and parenting has brought Erma Bombeck-style insights to a new generation of women. Check out her blog!

Tiny Steps Mommy

Nicole Dash

Tiny Steps Mommy is a blog about family, life, and caring for children – yours and mine. My name is Nicole Dash and I am a mother of four living outside Washington, DC. Check out her blog!

Jaclyn Day’s Blog

Jaclyn Day

I used to blog about affordable fashion and style. Then I posted a few book reviews and what you might call “lifestyle things.” And later, I had a baby. So, now I blog about everything. (But mostly fashion. Not just babies.) Check out her blog!

Teach Mama

Amy Mascott

Amy’s blog focuses on how to empower parents by providing them with simple tools and resources they can use to be the best teachers they can be for their children. Check out her blog!

Capitally Frugal

Sarah Grosjean

I’m Sarah, the compiler of store deals, freebies, product reviews/giveaways, and everyday savings for the Washington DC Metro area. Check out her blog!

High-Heeled Housewife

Katie Barchas

Katie left her full-time career to stay home with her three beautiful children- the best decision she’s ever made. She founded the High-Heeled Happy Hour to raise money for charity and blogs about the things she loves in life: family, philanthropy, food and drink, and of course… footwear! Check out her blog!

Musings From Me

Jill Berry

Jill wears many hats…writer…blogger…social media marketer…founder of a parenting site…and of course, mom. Check out her blog!

NOVA Housewives

Andrea K.

Real women. Real life. All NOVA. Events, community happenings, local giveaways, and gossip! Check out her blog!

The Music Momma

Shelly Suarez

Shelly Suarez is CEO of Learn Now Music, Inc. a professional on-site music education service supplying MD, DC, VA, CA and FL with in-home private music lessons and on-site group music instruction at public and private schools, pre-schools, and other facilities. The Music Momma blog is interactive. Check out her blog!

DC Thrifty Mom

Nicole Luke

A Thrifty Mom in Washington DC that hates paying full price! I highlight FREE (or cheap) happenings in the Washington DC Metro Area. I share vendor discounts and special experiences too! DCThriftyMom is a forum for me to discuss and share, every Thrifty Thursday, activities happening in the DC Metro area. Although FREE events are my goal, I will also discuss affordable activities and events that interest me too. It is also a place for YOU to learn and share both events and cost saving tips. Check out her blog!


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