Make Your Own Chalk

Spend a hot, summer’s day making homemade chalk inside, then enjoy the cooler evening decorating your neighborhood! 


Itemsto Gather:

  • Toilettissue tube or an ice cube tray (to create smaller chunks for youngerhands)

  • Aluminum foil if you are using atoilet paper tube or petroleum jelly if you’re using an icecube tray

  • Plastic container (disposable)

  • Plaster ofParis

  • Duct tape

  • Liquid tempera paint

  • Water

  • Spoon


How To:


1.  Cover one end of the toiletpaper tube with duct tape. Loosely roll an 8- by-41/2-inch piece ofaluminum foil and slip it into the tube so that it lines the inside,fitting snugly. (Or coat the inside of the ice cube tray withpetroleum jelly.)

2.  Set tube upright (duct tape side down) on asafe surface (not your new wood floors, for example).

3.  In adisposable plastic container, help your child mix one cup plaster ofParis with 1/2 cup water. Stir slowly and thoroughly until plaster isdissolved for about one minute.

4.  Immediately add 2 tablespoonspaint (or more for brighter chalk color, but be careful! It canstain!)

5.  Mix thoroughly.

6.  Spoon into thetube (or ice cube tray). Tap gently so mixture settles to the bottom.

7.  Let dry overnight before using.



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Article adapted from a past article in WondertimeMagazine.




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