Loloz with Cavibloc: A “Dentist-Friendly” Lollipop

Lollipops are a staple in the diaper bag bribery kit, at least in our house! That sweetness-on-a-stick has gotten us through many long road trips and errand runs, so I tend to look past the straight sugar that is being deposited into my children’s mouths. Enter the Loloz lollipop – seemingly guilt free with its promise of actually being GOOD for your dental health. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical, of both the benefits and the taste, but they were definitely worth a try.

Loloz were developed after seven years of research on oral health herbs by the UCLA School of Dentistry. Their department of oral biology found a specific form of licorice root that targets and fights the major bacteria in our mouths that can cause tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. Named Cavibloc, this active ingredient has been shown to work, along with regular dental hygiene, to prevent dental problems such as cavities. Loloz are all-natural, anti-germ lollipops that contain absolutely no sugar – woo hoo!!

That all sounds great, but how do they taste? My kids were very excited to get a lollipop treat at home. We tested the orange flavor and it was surprisingly very tasty. The kids seemed to have no idea they were eating a “health-benefitting” candy, and I felt much better about them sucking on one: a win-win! What a great way to satisfy a sweet-tooth while working to combat oral germs and tooth decay.

So, it was a bit disappointing when I finally read the usage instructions. In order to get the promised oral health benefits from Loloz, they recommend two a day for 10 consecutive days (morning and evening), two to four times per year. While this may work for adults or older children who can understand the benefits of using them this way, I just cannot give my toddlers two lollipops per day. It would be too hard to break the habit and explain the difference between a candy lollipop and a “healthy” one. Since they look and taste exactly like their regular, sugary cousin, I imagine it would be a very confusing scenario for toddlers/preschoolers. (It is important to note that the lollipops work best when combined with regular dentist visits and proper oral health habits.)

Loloz are currently available in three all-natural flavors: orange, lemon and berry. They come in lollipop or lozenge form, in boxes of 20 for $29.99. The cost seemed quite high at first for a small lollipop, but is justified in the cavity-fighting aspect. With no noticed difference in appearance or flavor, I would consider stocking up on these to replace the regular, sugary lollipops in my bag for a less-guilty option, but would not expect to use them as directed until my children are much older.

Loloz with Cavibloc

Made by Healthygrid

Available at and

$29.99/box of 20 Lollipops or Lozenges

Taste: 4

Ease of use/serving: 4

Nutritional Value: 4

Easy to use/prepare: 3

I would purchase this product: Maybe

Overall rating: 4

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