How to Stretch Your Holiday Budget by Saving on Mobile Devices

(StatePoint) With this year’s holiday spending expected to rise over last year, according to the National Retail Federation estimates, you may be planning to spend more on décor, gift-giving and travel. If your seasonal plans also include upgrading mobile devices for yourself or for loved ones, keep in mind that you can make room in your budget for those other holiday expenditures by not paying the price for a brand-new model.

The alternative? A refurbished device. Experts say the idea that all refurbished devices were broken or had problems in a past life is a misconception.

“Whether you’re bargain hunting or you’re looking to go green and reduce electronic waste, you’re in luck,” says David Conti, senior director of eCommerce at MyWit. “In today’s market it is very easy to find affordable, high-quality refurbished devices.”

Indeed, many mobile phones, tablets and accessories that come from trade-in and upgrade programs were perfectly good devices that owners traded in for newer models. With so many consumers out there reliably seeking the latest, such trade-ins and sales are becoming more popular, making it easier to navigate the market for a previously owned device.

If you do go this route this holiday season, be sure to stick with reputable sources where you can trust the device to be in fully functional condition and opt for the longest guarantee available, at least 90 days. For example, those from MyWit undergo an extensive 65+ point inspection of cosmetics, functionality and connectivity to ensure optimal performance. Tests verify every function that a customer can use (camera, audio, SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) is in 100 percent working order and connectivity tests ensure wireless devices deliver a consistent quality of connection and do not drop available signals.

When it comes to mobile upgrades, replacements and tech gifts, you can make this holiday season merrier and more affordable with refurbished devices.

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