How to Choose a Homebuilder

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Choosing a new homebuilder is a very important decision.  Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a new homebuilder.

Be very clear on your financial status. 

It is very important to visit your bank or consult with a mortgage loan officer to identify your ability to obtain a mortgage and what you qualify for.  Once the loan amount is determined, you can start looking seriously into finding a new homebuilder.  This step is crucial because it’s very difficult to identify the home you can afford without having an idea of what you can afford.

Have a clear vision. 

We encourage potential homebuyers to look on the Internet (Pinterest can be a great site to use) and through magazines to get an idea of what their dream home looks like.  This will be helpful in narrowing down the builder who is familiar with your aesthetic style.  

Narrow down the location where you’d like to live.

Many builders focus on certain areas of the metropolitan area.  We encourage them to look into local schools, public transportation, shopping and entertainment in the area they want to live to be sure that it meets all of their needs.

Research builders.

Visit model homes and builder communities, and speak to both the production manager at the site and recent homebuyers of that builder.  Many builders will have virtual home tours online, which is a great way to look at new homes without leaving your own! When selecting a new homebuilder, be sure they have the ability to alter model plans to suit their needs.  Not all builders will alter their current model plans they have in production.

Set expectations.

Once a new homebuilder is chosen, it’s important to set expectations with the building schedule as well as how they are going to communicate with the reader about the progress.  We have found that good communication with the builder makes for a more stress-free process.

In conclusion, it is very important that you select a builder that will be focused on your vision and your needs.  The process of building a new home can be stressful but a great builder that is well versed in the process can make all the difference.

Article written by Evergreene Homes & Centerview Title.

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