How Have You Grown With Your Kids?

“I have grown….DOWN! Over the years I have learned to get down on my kids’ levels. It makes life more interesting and it helps me to see the world from their perspective.” 

 Kris Koenig, mom of five

“They remind me to be curious; they remind me to slow down. I’ve learned to take care of myself so I can at my best for them, more patient and more aware.” – Cathy Cassani Adams, mom of three

“My kids are a constant reminder that patience is SO important. Whenever someone gets impatient, we try to take a step back and figure out how to proceed without losing it!”

Mary Miller, mom of two

“When I was younger, I thought if I worked hard enough I could have ‘the perfect family.’ However, I have learned that ‘perfect’ is an unrealistic goal, and would probably be pretty boring if ever achieved! I have enjoyed watching my kids develop into the adults they are, and now find them very good company. They have become MY ‘perfect family.'”

Susan Mather, mom of two

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