Homework on the Go

Gather these items for a great homework on-the-go box!

  • Snapware Smart Store box

  • Pack of mechanical pencils

  • Glue stick

  • Safety scissors
  • 24-pack Crayons

  • Clipboard

  • Writing paper

Check out this great except from blogger, Megh Miller (the source of this brilliance):

“Maybe it’s a sign of our times, but much of our life happens in the car. We drive about 45-60 minutes to school each way, depending on traffic, so there is a lot of time that needs redeeming. All this time in the car cuts down on our family time and playtime at home, so we make the most of drive in every way we can.

This week, I decided to try having the kids do most of their homework in the car. They are in 2nd and 3rd grades, so they typically have about half an hour of homework each day—a reasonable amount to complete on the way home from school. In the past, I’ve tried this, but found we didn’t have the necessary supplies, like crayons or scissors, to complete an assignment. Or, when they need to practice writing, we might not have a good surface or the proper paper to do it on.

I built a Homework Box for both of my kids, filled with all the necessary items they would need to complete their homework in the car. When I pick the kids up, we spend about 10-15 minutes talking about their day, eating a snack, and decompressing. After they get settled, I put some soft music on (I like the Nightnoise station on Pandora) and we begin homework. I ask the kids to be quiet during this time, except when they need to ask me a question. This helps them concentrate and avoid distracting each other.

After a little trial and error, I realized the small items needed to be contained in a Ziploc bag or pencil bag in order to facilitate easy opening and repacking. (Everything fits pretty tightly in the box.) The box and contents cost me about $22.00. I highly recommend giving one to each child, rather than having them share.”

For more great advice from Meg Miller, check out her blog!


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