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Miles Worcester
Miles Worcester | Photo: Provided

Honoring Veterans


Miles Worcester has been involved in Wreaths Across America (WAA) since he was born. His grandfather, Morrill Worcester, founded the organization, which conducts wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, veterans’ cemeteries and other locations across the country. The 13-year-old has grown up in the organization, traveling frequently to Arlington National Cemetery and other locations to lay wreaths and attend military funerals.

“Remembering and honoring fallen veterans is important because it can mean a lot to the families of the veterans to know that their son or daughter is always going to be remembered and honored,” Miles says.

He reflected on his experiences laying wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery.

“When the wreaths are there, you just kind of feel proud that you helped do this. You know that the families are going to be happy that you did it,” Miles says.

Miles finds it important for young people to find causes like this to commit themselves to.

“It’s important that kids are involved because it’s going to bring it to the next generation,” he says. “When I grow up, I know I’m going to keep doing this and other things like this.”

His mom, Renée Worcester, wanted to raise her child in the organization to develop his sense of character.

“Someone who gives back, whether it’s with WAA or any other nonprofit, is learning character that is really important for their everyday lives,” she says.


Advice to Other Kids


Miles committed himself to something he cared about at a young age. Washington FAMILY asked him for his advice for other kids who might want to do the same:

“Find something that interests you and try to find something that supports that and help out that organization.”


Advice to Other Parents


While Miles has an incredible amount of individual initiative, his successes have also been supported by his parents.

Miles’ mother Renée explains the importance of raising your child to give back: “Service, community and giving back leads to a better image on what is around you. It can be turned into a great educational opportunity to be able to give back in any area.”

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