Getting Ready for Summer

Wintercan leave our skin, hair and toes feeling rough. Get themsummer-ready with these simple and easy tips!



Exfoliatethose winter calluses

Use apumice stone, then an exfoliating scrub to get those idolizedsandal-ready feet. Apply a heavy moisturizing lotion at night forextra softness.

Cleanunder your toe nails

When cleaning under the nail, use the cleanpointed end of a cuticle stick. Gently work out the debris, thenscrub under your nails with a sudsy nail brush. Perfection!

Colorful toes

Runwaytrends show that the most popular colors for this summer include deepred, metallic and matte gray, nude hues and golden yellows.


Bewareof chlorine and ocean water

If youare taking a dip in the ocean or nearby pool, be sure to rinse yourlocks before and after being in the water. Dry hair absorbs morechlorine than wet hair.


Forthose days when you want to protect your hair and leave it silkysmooth, use a leave in conditioner with either Moroccan oil orsunflower oil. Both of these will help protect against sun damage.


Giveone of the runway trends for this summer a try by doing your hair ina voluminous side bun, a fishtail or Grecian top-of-your-head braidor a dramatic side part.




Getyour Vitamins

VitaminsA, C, E, and K will help keep your skin healthy and youthful. You canget these vitamins from cherries, oranges, grapefruit andraspberries!


Whenwashing your face, rinse with cool water. Hot water will dry out yourskin quickly. Also, taking a warm (not hot) shower will help as well.


Whenyou get out of the shower, put on your moisturizing cream before yourskin dries. This will help seal the moisture.


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