Finding the Perfect Salon

I have always found it interesting thatpeople will spend more time trying to find the perfect pair of shoesthan trying to find a talented hairstylist, especially since yourhair is something you wear every day. Then, I got to thinking, maybepeople know what to look for in an excellent pair shoes, but theydon’t know the right characteristics to look for in a high-quality salon.


Finding your perfect salon is all aboutthe atmosphere and the staff.

Just because a luxurious salon islocated in an expensive retail location doesn’t mean it is thesalon for you. It is more important to find a salon that has acomfortable and friendly atmosphere. Or in other words, a place youcan relax and “let your hair down.” When you leave the salon youshould feel confident about you!

Cleanliness is key.

At the very least, you should look fora salon that is clean—without piles of hair swept into the corners,has plenty of mirrors, and is well lit. Don’t be shy, swing by asalon you have been eyeing and take tour before you book anappointment.

Take note of the staff.

While you are touring the salon, takenotice of the staff and don’t be too judgmental because age,gender, race and years of experience have nothing to do with talent.Instead, good stylists are always learning new techniques and stayingcurrent with the trends. A good salon will have an internship programfor new stylists and will have technical training requirements fortheir staff.

They’re serious about hairstyling if…

And if you really want to know if thestaff is serious about hair styling, ask a stylist to show you theirstraight razor. If the hair stylist doesn’t have it at theirstation or in their tool belt, then this isn’t a salon that isserious about being creative.

Licensed and Accredited.

Even if you are going to a lower-pricedbeauty salon, the staff should at least be licensed by an accreditedbeauty school .

A high-quality, creative salon doesn’tnecessarily need to be lavish. Many talented hair stylists also havean entrepreneurial spirit and open their own salons out of the wayretail locations. So, go exploring, take tours, and ask questions.You just might find the perfect salon you’ve always been lookingfor.

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Written by: Jolie Perara



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