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I often find myself saying those three words at mealtime that a parent knows well: “Eat your veggies!” When my children first started eating solid food, they were not very picky, but palates have changed and now it’s my constant worry that they get a balanced, nutritional diet. I knew Ella’s Kitchen had lots of options for babies and we’ve used their products during the early years, so I was thrilled to learn they have a large selection for the toddler stage and beyond.

While shopping for baby food about a year ago, I was happy to run across the Ella’s product line. Their whimsical, colorful packaging immediately drew me in. As I investigated further, I found lots of innovative flavor combinations in their baby pouches.

Ella’s has four stages of foods, which are clearly stated on their packaging: Stage 1 (4 months+), Stage 2 (6 months+), Stage 3 (9 months+) and Stage 4 (1 year+). For the beginning eater, their “just fruit” pouches are a great option – purely organic fruit, such as apples or bananas. My kiddos loved the Mango Baby Brekkie, a combination of brown rice, mangos and yogurt that is very filling. There are even savory pouches available in later stages, in flavors such as macaroni and cheese and lima bean and cauliflower. Neither of my children liked the savory options, but I didn’t think they were so bad!

As we move into the toddler stage and beyond, I am always looking for healthy snacks or side items for meals. It turns out Ella’s has lots of options in this stage, too. We sampled two of their Smoothie Fruits, the Red One and the Green One. These pouches contain just organic fruits with no additives, and taste delicious.

My almost 2-year-old begs for one with every meal and my preschooler loves bringing them for snack time. As a mom, I feel great about giving them a snack that is pure fruit.

In the crunchy snack department, we really like the Cheddar and Leek Multigrain Wheels and the Apple and Cinnamon Puffs. I thought the Apple and Strawberry Nibbly Fingers were tasty, and my son loved them when he was younger, but my daughter was not impressed. These snacks are certified organic, low in sugar, contain lots of fruit and veggies and are high in whole grains – a great, non-guilty snack option.

Ella’s also has a variety of drink options available. We tried their juice boxes, which are 100 percent organic fruit juices and purees with no preservatives, added sugar or artificial colors/flavors. The Mango/Sweet Potato and Strawberry/Red Beet were surprisingly tasty, though not an everyday favorite with my kids. The Strawberry Lemonade, however, was a huge hit! I am going to stock up on those for summer picnics and playdates.

A new addition to the Ella’s line is the Organic Electrolyte Coconut Water, a natural alternative to sports drinks, which provides necessary rehydration and nutrients after sickness or just for a picky eater. The drink has all organic ingredients, no additives or “nasties,” as they call them, are present. It was not my children’s favorite flavor (we tried the variety with pears and berries), but I would much rather use this drink than some of its other sugar-filled cousins, so I’ll keep it on hand for the inevitable tummy bug.

Ella’s Kitchen was founded by a dad who wanted his children to have a multitude of healthy, organic and delicious options available for them as they grew. After much research, that continues even today, the company strives to provide products that create healthy eating habits, involving all five senses, while keeping true to their organic promise.

From taste to smell, and even the packaging, they are continually working with experts (and kids!) to provide a fun, healthy eating experience. I was also pleased to learn that the company takes initiative to protect our environment. Pouches and caps can be sent back to Ella’s for recycling into new products, and the majority of their other packaging is cardboard which can be readily recycled.

Ella’s also supports the national “No Kid Hungry” initiative, pledging this year to provide up to 750,000 meals to those in need. I cannot imagine being hungry as a child, and am always glad to support a brand that is helping that cause.

Next time you are shopping for baby and toddler snacks and beverages, check out all the tasty options from Ella’s. Some of the more exotic flavors miss the mark, but we found more often than not we were highly enjoying our selections and I loved sneaking in fruits and veggies without any complaints from the kiddos!

Ella’s Kitchen Baby and Toddler Foods

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Available at major retailers and grocery stores (Target, Walmart, Wegmans, Giant, etc.)

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Overall rating: 5

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