Editor’s Letter: A Quarantine Milestone

Photo by PJ Feinstein

At the start of quarantine, my husband and I decided that our goal during lockdown was to teach our 8-year-old son how to ride a two-wheeler.

Previously, my son hadn’t shown an interest in riding, and since he was happy enough on his scooter, we decided not to push him until he was ready. But when schools closed in March and we suddenly had to fill our days with at-home activities, we agreed it was time to start practicing.

A few times a week for the past three months, he attempted to ride his new 20” Schwinn, but his lack of balance—and confidence—was still a struggle.

Finally, over Memorial Day weekend, something clicked. I don’t know if it was the way we held the bike steady as he mounted it or how we gave him a push as started pedaling, but he did it. He rode a two-wheeler!

Then, during that same lesson, our 6-year-old son started riding without training wheels, too!

Watching my boys graduate from training wheels to two-wheelers was more exhilarating than I could have imagined. It was a challenge, especially for my older son, and I’m just so proud of them.

Washington FAMILY magazine June 2020 issue

Biking around the neighborhood, it’s been bittersweet to see graduation signs popping up on lawns. I’m sure that high school seniors are disappointed that their final year ended so abruptly, but I also know that their parents are still so incredibly proud of them for reaching this milestone. Nothing beats the feeling of watching your child accomplish something challenging, whether it’s learning to ride a bike or graduating high school during a pandemic.

On behalf of all of us at Washington FAMILY, I want to congratulate this year’s graduating class.

What else takes place in June besides graduation? Father’s Day!

In our new June issue, we’re sharing ways to enjoy the great outdoors with dad as well as a bonus Dad Life column. We also have tips for moms-to-be on what to expect during this unexpected time and lots of book recommendations for your summer reading pleasure.

Until next time: Be safe, and be well.


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