Developing Healthy, Bright, and Creative Minds

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Here are some quick tips from the Power Brain Training Center, where the focus is to help children and adults maximize their brain potential. Try these quick tips to develop healthy, bright, and creative minds.

•   One of the easiest ways to help your very young child to relax is to massage the tummy…this helps bring their energy down to their core area, thus simultaneously soothing and facilitating digestion while also quieting their busy (or crying!) minds.

•    Before sitting down to homework, have your child do some serious stretching or cardio activity – like 15 pushups, 30 jumping jacks, or running in place as fast as they can for 2 minutes. This helps release stagnant energy and focus their mind so they can concentrate easier. During study time, periodically taking short breaks and moving the body vigorously can refresh one’s energy thus helping the child to stay on task longer.

•   When children are anxious, guide them to mindful breathing: sit comfortably or lie down, close eyes, breathe in deeply by inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Repeat 10 times and keep feeling their breath. For younger children, hold them close and do together. You finding calmness will automatically spread to them and help them calm themselves.

•   Did you know laughter really is the best medicine? Research shows that even smiling can “trick” our brain into releasing happy chemicals that help produce positive feelings and actually result in creating happiness. So next time your child (or you!) feels down or stressed, try smiling brightly. Even better, try a few of those old-fashioned belly laughs and see for yourself how quickly the mood changes.

•   Help children develop their imagination by telling stories together. Pick a cloud in the sky, a stuffed animal in the room or even a bird flying by. Then “dress” them up – describe their clothing, their family, what they ate for breakfast, what their favorite activity is – whatever comes to mind. Add as many details as you can, thus making the imaginary story as “real” as can be. Studies show that imagination is one of the highest functions of the human brain, and as the saying goes: thoughts become things!

Power Brain Training Center’s mission is to empower children and adults to maximize their innate brain potential. Using “Brain Education,” the PBTC combines classical Asian mind-body techniques with the latest findings from neuroscience. Programs include physical, emotional, and cognitive exercises, as well as postures, yoga, breathing techniques, guided imagery and games to improve focus, confidence, creativity, and memory.  PBTC offers regular adult classes, kid classes, workshops, and private sessions. Please call 703-359-7282 to schedule an introductory session. For more ideas and more information on the programs offered by the Power Brain Training Center, please call 703-359-7282 or check out


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