Create a Father’s Day ‘Pop’ Card

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Families all around the world celebrate Father’s Day and plan special activities to celebrate the special men in their lives.

It’s also a holiday that celebrates and honors fathers and their influence in our lives. You don’t solely have to honor your biological father on this holiday though. Celebrate grandfathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, and others you consider father figures by giving them a gift, a handmade present or special meal to show your appreciation.

Take a few minutes to help your children make this cool Father’s Day DIY “Pop” Card.


Making a Father’s Day ‘Pop’ Card


Your the Best 'Pop' craft Father's Day
Photo courtesy of Mimi Markopoulos


1 piece of construction paper (use any color you like)
Scissors | 1 Popsicle stick | Elmer’s craft glue
Black marker

1. Fold the construction paper in half. Using scissors, cut a Popsicle shape from the construction paper. Envision a rectangle with a rounded top.
2. Glue the Popsicle stick to the bottom of the paper Popsicle shape.
3. Open the paper and ask the kids to write a note or message inside. You can write “You’re the Best Pop!” or something similar on the outside of the paper Popsicle.
4. Encourage your kids to decorate the Popsicle as they’d like.


You're the Best 'Pop' craft layout with popsicle sticks
Photo courtesy of Mimi Markopoulos

Think About These Fun Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day


1. Go fishing.
2. Eat a meal at an old-school diner.
3. Rent his favorite car for the day.
4. Add to his collection (whatever it might be).
5. Attend a baseball game.
6. Enjoy a dinner out together.
7. Create a backyard barbecue or picnic.
8. Explore a local museum.
9. Take him to a boutique barber shop.
10. Wash his car by hand at home.
11. Organize a family game night.
12. Have a backyard movie night.
13. Treat him to a craft beer or wine tasting in your area.
14. Go camping.
15. Take a bike ride together.


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