My husband and I both work outside the home and travel frequently. Because of this, CHI Au Pair’s program is perfect for us, as we need another adult at home. We have loved all six of our au pairs. They are all loving, wonderful young women. For example, one of our most recent au pairs, Edina, became a part of our family as soon as she arrived at our Virginia home from Romania.

Edina was kind, patient and helpful. She anticipated what our family needed, so we could better enjoy our time together. She managed our children’s mountain of laundry, and braided the girls’ hair so it would look pretty and stay out of their faces. She went to the store on her own to buy the only kind of yogurt my son would eat. I never left Edina a single to-do list — she just knew how to help us and love us.

We appreciate Edina’s kindness, helpfulness and patience. She smiles and laughs a lot, and manages our children’s activity schedules, chores and temper tantrums. She is potty training our 2-year-old and never complains. Need I say more? Edina volunteers to watch all five children so my husband and I can spend time together on a Saturday night. She is simply an extraordinary young woman who is an absolute pleasure to be around.

CHI Au Pair is an excellent agency. We have been very impressed with its representatives and staff, as well as the loving young women who go through its program as au pairs. 

– A Family in Herndon, VA



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