Home Improvement

On-Trend Home Design

6 design approaches to explore in 2019 (Family Features) The influence of global cultures is increasingly visible in home decor as technology expands homeowners’ worldviews. Acting on the inspiration of global trends can be as simple as shifting your outlook to bringing eye-catching features and everyday functions into your home. …

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Save Energy And Money

(NAPSI)—Don’t let window replacement become a “pane” in your wallet. There’s a disconnect between saving money on energy with window replacements, according to government agencies. In fact, they found, it may take decades to recoup the cash spent on the installation of new, energy-efficient windows. The Problem The assessed value …

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Understanding Insurance Benefits

(Family Features) No matter where you are in life, whether you’re just starting your career or nearing retirement, it’s important to understand the voluntary benefits available to you that can complement traditional health insurance. While health insurance can help cover medical costs in the event of injury or illness, sometimes …

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