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Cheerful multiracial male elementary students hugging in front of colorful lockers while wearing protective face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Could 5-Day COVID Isolation Be Coming to An End?

COVID is here to stay, but how we respond is still evolving. The five-day isolation period may become a thing of the past. Last Tuesday,...

Sleeping Soundly: Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Every year, thousands of parents wake up to every parent’s worst nightmare. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are about 3,400 sudden...

Expert: How to Keep Your Kids Safe and Healthy on Halloween

Fall is here, and with holidays like Halloween and fun festivities like trick-or-treating coming up, there are many temptations and goodies to be offered....

Why You Should Take a Closer Look at Your Kids’ Snacks

If the options at your child’s school cafeteria are lacking, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. According to Centers for...
A glass heart rests in many hands.

How Two Mothers Found Healing in Organ Donation

Death is never an easy topic to discuss, especially with children, but one mother was surprised by her daughter’s reaction when she found her...

Your Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home

Baby-proofing is an important step in every parent’s journey. As children grow, so does their curiosity. The goal is to make your home a...

Teens Have Access To Free Planet Fitness Summer Pass in DMV

The Planet Fitness Summer Pass program gives high school-aged students the opportunity to work out for free all summer long. Teens in the DMV can...
Mother and daughter gardening together

Gardening with Kids: Growing Memories

  I’ll never forget the first time I picked a beautiful, ripe, red tomato that I helped grow. I had watered and weeded around the...
A young man with diabetes checks his sugar.

What to Know About Youth Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis can feel crushing, especially when you aren’t expecting it. This is even more true when the diagnosis is for your child....

How Early Diagnosis Makes a Difference for Children on the Autism Spectrum

  During Maya’s* first birthday celebration, her mother knew something was different. “We were singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ and she had such a blank stare. In that...