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Cake Pop Mini-Molds Are Fun and Yummy



My Little Cupcake brand No-Bake Cake Pop Mini-Molds come in a small box with shredded paper confetti cushioning the four different shaped molds: a sphere shaped mold, a cone shaped mold, a heart shaped mold and the cutest of all, the cupcake mold.

The back of the box has clear instructions and an easy no-bake cake pop recipe that claims to make 20-24 pops. The recipe calls for two ingredients which we happened to already have: sandwich cookies and cream cheese. The sandwich cookies were to be ground to fine crumbs. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the food processor attachment to my blender, but my husband’s coffee bean grounder worked perfectly (he’ll be less than thrilled to hear about this one).

As always happens when I’m engrossed in an activity with my three older daughters, the twins started to cry and I had to leave the area to a too-eager group of girls. They dove right in, mixing and mashing the cookie powder with the cream cheese. They giggled, laughed, talked and were really focused on making perfect 1 inch balls, as the directions state.

Once all of the dough balls were made, I dusted the molds with cocoa powder to prevent sticking (I was out of powdered sugar). The girls placed each dough ball into the molds and laughed so hard when excess dough oozed out of the molds. They made a game out of who can get the biggest ooze out of their mold!

I found that after the first dusting of cocoa powder, I didn’t need to dust again. I’m guessing the oils from the cream cheese were enough to prevent the dough from sticking to the molds. We made 27 pops and refrigerated them until firm, which we found took about two hours.

We were very excited to start dipping them into the melted candy wafers and decorating with the sprinkles we had bought. Sadly, most of the pops fell apart during the dipping and decorating process. Also, most of the cupcake pops lost their shape and detail. The box does state that the cupcake shape can be re-molded to maintain more of the detail, but we found that the design was lost in the frosting anyway.

We placed the pops back in the refrigerator to chill and set the candy coating. Once they were finished, we tasted them and were thrilled! They didn’t look so pretty, but tasted really good. We were able to share some of the ones that didn’t fall apart with our neighbors who also enjoyed the taste. All in all, it was a lot of fun, entertaining and very kid-friendly. Despite the nooks and crannies from the detail in the cupcake design and the hinges in each mold, they were not difficult to hand wash. Clean up was a piece of cake!

My Little Cupcake’s website has other easy no-bake recipes that we’ll be trying in the near future. I just wish there was an easier, no-fail way to frost these little cuties without wrecking the pops and having them fall out off their sticks.

No-Bake Cake Pop Mini Molds

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Overall Rating  4

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