Are You Taking Your Kids to Protests?

Are you taking your kids to protests?
A father and daughter attend a George Floyd protest in Washington, DC. Photo by David Stuck.

More than 10,000 people marched on Washington this past Saturday—the largest day of protests so far in the nation’s capital. Our photographer, David Stuck, was downtown, snapping away as thousands of individuals protested racism and police brutality along Constitution Avenue.

One thing that struck us about his photos was the lack of parents and young children in the crowd. David reported seeing some families outside Dirken Senate Office Building earlier in the afternoon, listening to speakers from the event’s organizer, Freedom Fighters DC. But he didn’t see as many once the march began—at least from where he was standing taking photos.

So we want to know: Are you taking your kids to protests?

Washington FAMILY is looking for stories of moms and dads who are protesting alongside their children. What has that experience been like for your family?

We also want to hear from parents who are supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against racism in other ways. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable attending mass gatherings because of the coronavirus but you still want your voice—and your children’s voices—to be heard. What are you doing instead of protesting?

Please send your personal essays, impressions or even rambling thoughts to our editor, PJ Feinstein, at [email protected]. If you have protest photos, please feel free to send them along, too. We’re eager to share as many different voices as we can.

And if you’re heading out to protest this week: wear a mask, keep your distance and stay safe.

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