Editor’s Letter: Keep Calm and Stay Active

Washington FAMILY magazine's Editor Letter, April 2020, from PJ Feinstein

They say to write what you know.

Well, I don’t know anything about living through a global pandemic. The speed at which COVID-19 is spreading and the growing number of people it is affecting has left me at a loss for words. Not being able to articulate my thoughts is an uncomfortable feeling for an editor; worrying about the health and safety of my family and friends is even worse.

As I struggle to write this editor’s letter from my bedroom, my children are downstairs in the kitchen attempting some schoolwork. Today is the first day of statewide school closures, one way local governments are trying to mitigate the spread of this new coronavirus. Events have been cancelled. Birthday parties are being postponed. We’re all hunkering down at home, as we’ve been asked to do.

Washington FAMILY magazine April 2020When we started working on our April 2020 issue, which is all about sports, we never could have imagined that instead of driving our kids to soccer practice, we’d be practicing social distancing. That instead of being concerned about our favorite team not having the home-field advantage, we’d be wondering how to homeschool our kids for the foreseeable future. That gyms, karate studios and community pools would be shutting their doors and professional sports leagues would be postponing their seasons.

Sports may not be happening at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit still. We shouldn’t be visiting playgrounds right now, but we can take walks around the neighborhood with our family. We can have a catch in the yard or do yoga with our kids. Physical activity increases serotonin in the brain, leading to feelings of happiness and well-being, which is exactly what we all need during this scary and stressful time.

Inside our April 2020 issue, you’ll find stories about sports, including an article on family-friendly ways to enjoy local baseball. Clip it and save it for later. Hopefully we’ll be able to root, root, root for the home team sometime this season.

Until then, keep washing your hands, practicing social distancing and getting some activity into your day.

Stay healthy, friends.


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