2018 Best for FAMILIES Survey




Washington FAMILY’s 2018 Best for FAMILIES Survey is Here!


Cast Your Vote Today

Vote for your favorite people, places and things to do, see and visit in the DMV! If your favorite business or person isn’t listed, write them into the blank space provided in their respective sub-category. As write-ins are received and tallied, the ballot will be updated. Please be patient while you’re waiting for your entries to be listed! They will be added as soon as possible.

The winners are voted on and win by popular vote, so let your friends know it’s time to vote! As a business, share with your audience to help you win the title of “Best” in your category!

The survey will run until May 20. The winners will be contacted in May and the results will be featured in the July issue of Washington FAMILY. Email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Voter Tips:

1. Please be mindful when adding a write-in to the ballot. Please check spelling and business names are entered correctly before submitting.

2. You have to create an account to be eligible to vote.

3. Share! Share with your friends and invite friends to vote for your favorite business!

Business Tips:

1. Want more visibility for your listing? You can purchase an enhanced listing by contacting our sales department. Email [email protected] for more information!

2. Share! Share your business and the survey link on your social media and websites to promote the survey and have a better chance of winning!

3. If you see an issue with your business’s listing, please contact [email protected]

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