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Special Needs

A boy uses a computer.

Coding: A Good Career Path for Autistic Children?

For parents of autistic children, “learn to code” is not a snarky rejoinder to the absence of computer skills. It’s a legitimate suggestion for...

Sensory-Friendly Experiences for Kids in the DMV

Kids with sensory sensitivities enjoy going to museums, plays and events like their neurotypical peers. However, they may need some modifications to make the...
A caregiver is helping a young boy with a physical disability play with plastic block toys.

Washington Area Disability Advocacy and Autism Resources

Advocacy AUTISM SOCIETY OF BALTIMORE-CHESAPEAKE P.O. Box 10822 Baltimore, MD 21234 410-655-7933 baltimoreautismsociety.org The Autism Society of Baltimore-Chesapeake is a volunteer organization founded in 1976. We were created to help serve...

The Value of Teaching Your Kids ASL

Being deaf is more common than many people think, and deaf children are usually born to hearing parents. In fact, more than 90% of...
9-year-old girl with Down Syndrome with her elementary school teacher

Finding the Perfect Fit for Education

  Parents want the best education possible for their children. But when you parent a child with special needs, deciding which school will best support...
Imagination Stage inclusive

The Arts for Every Child

  Bright lights and colorful costumes can be an engaging way to let children’s imaginations run wild as they watch theatrical performances. But these elements...
Camp Pegasus Community Meeting

What Are the Benefits of Special Needs Summer Camps?

  As the chilly winds of winter blow through the mid-Atlantic region, many of us long for the sunny days of summer. For our kids,...
Miriam Licht

Smiling on the Inside: Living with Moebius Syndrome

  Pediatric neurologist Carl E. Stafstrom remembers his first experience with Moebius syndrome was with a child’s mother. She had the tell-tale signs: a drooping...
Children play educational games with a sensory bin in kindergarten

Autism: Sensory Issues & Therapy Solutions

  Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can often exhibit sensory issues such as hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to various stimuli. As many as 70%...
Is Autism a Disability?

Should We Include Autism in Our Diversity Discussions?

One local mom explains why autism, like race and religion, should be included in conversations about inclusion at school.