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Close up of inhaling from an electronic cigarette.

Is My Child Vaping? What Parents Need to Know About Kids and Vaping

Faint scents of mint and mango emanate from middle and high school bathrooms, hallways and classrooms, from students’ parties and from bedrooms. These fruity...
Best friends talking together outside elementary school

Deciding on Braces: What are the Health Benefits to Orthodontics? Answers to questions about...

  Orthodontics is not only about making your smile pretty. Although not every child will need braces, having an early assessment can prevent issues such...
Debunking Summertime Myths

Debunking Summertime Myths

Experts share the truth behind some of the season’s biggest misconceptions.
Pedalheads camp biking

The Basics of Bike Safety Brush up on these bicycling essentials for kids

  Warmer temperatures and sunny skies encourage many families to take to the streets and sidewalks to ride their bikes. Biking through the neighborhood is...
Sad boy sits alone

What to Know Before Choosing Antidepressants for Your Child or Teen

  Rates of anxiety and depression among youth have soared over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last fall, a coalition of the nation’s leading...
Give mom the gift of sleep

Moms, Give Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Because a rested mom is a happy mom.
Renee DeBoard-Lucas founder of TRUE Center

Removing Roadblocks to Trauma-Based Care New Washington, D.C. nonprofit focus on children and families...

  High costs no longer need to be a roadblock to families in search of trauma-based care. TRUE Center, a nonprofit providing intervention and prevention services...
Sports equipment forms the shape of a shoe

Moving Beyond the Team Promoting healthy activity for kids who shy away from organized...

  In an era where family schedules are jam-packed, there is so much busyness in the name of being active. Why do parents sometimes feel...

Girlology Unveils Online Community Dedicated to Making Girls’ Lives Healthier

Early in her practice as an OB-GYN, Dr. Melisa Holmes was shocked by how many women didn’t understand their bodies and how they worked....

Protecting Your Kids When a Brain Injury Strikes

As the weather warms, we are venturing outdoors more and more toward sports fields, bike paths and the open road. With our ever-increasing time...