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Fun Things to Do

Cupcake Bakeries

Vanilla, Chocolate, Sprinkles… it used to be that cupcakes were just another great dessert. Now they are mini masterpieces with a selection of flavors and frostings that can make your mouth water. It’s a delicious trend. Check out the list of great places around the area for cupcakes! If we’re …

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Thank You Notes

Taking the time to teach children to write a thank you note is acharacter trait that will help them throughout life. In our house, after acelebration we all sit down and write thank you notes. That way, we don’tforget.  Fill in the Blank Thank You Cards  Thank You Note Samples …

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Flowerpot Pen Holder Craft

Flowerpot Pen Holder Craft A terracotta plant pot holds a beautiful, decorated pen (the pen top is embedded in Plaster of Paris in the plant pot).     Supplies needed: ·         Small, unglazed clay (terracotta) flowerpot ·         Plaster of paris ·         Large plastic bowl and stirrer (to mix the plaster) …

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