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Jane Brophy, head nurse at Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School

The Lives of School Nurses, 2 Years Into the Pandemic

  When Jane Brophy, head nurse at Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital, gets home from work, she puts down her bag,...
Cheerful multiracial male elementary students hugging in front of colorful lockers while wearing protective face mask during COVID-19 pandemic

Parents Respond to COVID-19 Vaccine for 5- to 11-year-old Kids

  Two days after Kate Hurwitz’s oldest son turned 12, he was vaccinated against COVID-19. And she said upon approval of the vaccine for younger...
dealing with your dog's separation anxiety

Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

As your family returns to work and school, here's how to help your pets handle the transition.
when you're vaccinated but your kids aren't

When You’re Vaccinated But Your Kids Aren’t

Many parents are left wondering what they can — and can't — do this summer with their unvaccinated children.
Volunteering with your family ideas

How to Volunteer With Your Family During a Pandemic

From making masks to picking up trash, there are many ways to give back to the community while staying safe.
Thanksgiving 2020: Creating New Family Traditions

Thanksgiving 2020: Creating New Family Traditions

How to ensure a safe and festive holiday during a pandemic.
youth sports during covid-19

Should Your Child Play Youth Sports During COVID-19?

Three reasons why it's important for kids to stay active during the pandemic, according to experts
how to prepare for the virtual school year

How to Prepare for the Virtual School Year

8 ways to make at-home and hybrid learning a success
Dealing with anger about coronavirus

Dealing with Anger About Coronavirus

Feeling angry is totally normal, says a psychologist. Here's how to calm your rage.
Logging out of distance learning

Logging Out of Distance Learning

I've been getting a lot of calls lately from friends asking my opinion about what they should do with their children this fall. My...