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The article Working Out with Kids, in the March issue of Washington FAMILY Magazine, has five great exercises to get your routine started. Here are more fun ideas to incorporate exercise into every day.

Try creating a family exercise circuit with 4-6 stations, mixing up individual and partner activities, upper and lower body exercises and strength and cardio. Do each exercise for a one minute interval then rotate to the next exercise. Complete the circuit twice, taking a five minute rest between circuits. Change the exercises each time you work out. Add in strengthening standbys like pushups, sit-ups and partner wheel barrows, and cardio activities like tag, tug of war and obstacle courses.

Ball Hops – Place a soccer ball on the ground in front of you. Hop from foot to foot, touching each foot to the top of the ball. Continue for 1 minute.

Squat Box Lifts – Place canned food in a small box on the floor. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your knees and toes straight, squat down to pick up the box. Stand using your legs, not your back, and lift the box over your head. Slowly lower the box to the floor, squatting rather than bending at the waist. Return to starting position. Perform 12-15 repetitions

Partner Box Passes – Place canned food in a small box. Stand facing your partner, feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Lift up the box and pass it to your partner. Perform 12-15 repetitions

Standing Box Twists – Place canned food in a small box. Stand next to the box with feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and pick up the box, twisting at the waist to grasp the box. As you stand, rotate your body and the box to the opposite side, raising the box to shoulder height. Slowly twist and squat to lower the box down to the starting position. Stand up. Perform 12-15 repetitions on each side.

Have a little money to invest in exercise? These games will get you on your feet for healthy family fun.

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Donald Poindexter, a fitness professional and owner of Blue Star Fitness, has more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry. Contact him at [email protected]

Amy Carney Bevins is a freelance writer, assistant editor and toy expert for FAMILY Magazine, an educator and founder/owner of Chantilly Chefs cooking classes for children and adults. Visit her website to read more of her articles.

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