Water Wipes

Let me just start by saying how much I love this product! I was super excited when I received these in the mail since I’d already heard great things about them from other moms.

When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the scent – just a very faint, light clean smell. This product is chemical-free and all-natural, which is a definite bonus in my book.

We have always used the big name-brand “sensitive” wipes, but my son would still frequently get a diaper rash, no matter how many times we changed him throughout the day. I have used this product on my 1-year-old son for about a week now, and I’ve quickly noticed a difference with diaper changes. He already has far less redness on his bottom and no signs of a diaper rash in sight.

These wipes are very soft and have just the right amount of wetness to effectively clean stinky babies. Not only are they great for diaper duty, they are gentle enough to use on dirty hands and faces. The wipes are a tad pricier than other big-name sensitive wipes, but I don’t mind paying more to keep my son’s bottom away from harsh chemicals.

The only downside to the wipes is they do tend to dry out quickly, so making sure the package is sealed properly after every use is important. If they do dry out, turning the package upside down and shaking it slightly for a few seconds seems to do the trick.

Overall, I absolutely love these wipes and have already told all the moms I know about them. I now keep a pack in my car, my purse and of course the diaper bag. Water Wipes will be the only wipes we use from here on out.

Water Wipes


Available at all major retailers and amazon.com

$3.99 at Target for the 60-count pack

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