Watch: How to Make Rainbow Rock Candy

how to make rainbow rock candy
Photo by Linda Freund

With extra time on their hands this winter thanks to the colder weather and COVID-19 restrictions, Linda Freund and her 7-year-old son Arias started experimenting in the kitchen. Arias, who loves science and art, researched how to make rock candy and, in his mother’s words, “grew these glorious things from scratch.”

There’s a science to candymaking, and crystallizing sugar produces varied results. Freund and Arias suggest making a lot of rock candy in case some turn out to be underwhelming. Keep in mind, however, that smaller, thinner rock candy is actually easier to eat and enjoy, according to Freund.

Here, mother and son share their recipe for rainbow rock candy. Freund, a freelance video journalist, also filmed Arias making the candy. You can find written instructions in our April 2021 issue.

Thanks, Arias, for sharing your delicious experiment with Washington FAMILY!

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