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holiday gift guide 2020
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Looking for the perfect holiday present for your baby or big kid? With many amazing toys, games and books available for kids, it can be hard to know what to pick.

We spoke with the experts—Bridget Quinn Stickline, owner of Wee Chic; Caroline Roane, store manager at Doodlehopper 4 Kids; and Joe Guevara, store buyer at Sullivan’s Toys & Art Supplies—to learn about this season’s must-have gifts for children of all ages.

2020 gift guide picks for babies

For Babies & Toddlers

Tegu Travel Pals Magnetic Blocks*
Little hands can make an airplane or a bird with these colorful wooden blocks, or they can use the shapes to create something straight out of their imagination. This set is compatible with all Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks and is perfect for on-the-go fun. $24, ages 1+ years

Fat Brain Toys Rock ‘n’ Roller Piano**
Perfect for tummy time, your baby can practice fine motor skills and coordination while jamming to some fun tunes. $30, 6 months+

Green Toys Farm Playset**
Tending to the animals in the barn and driving them in the green pickup truck will help your toddler develop communication, coordination and fine motor skills. All Green Toys are manufactured in the United States with 100% recycled materials and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. $50, ages 2-6 years

Fat Brain Toys Shape Factory***
Twist the top of this colorful puzzle to change the shape of the slots. As toddlers match the blocks to the slots, they’ll be working on spatial reasoning, experimentation and problem solving. $25, ages 2+ years

Melissa & Doug Vroom & Zoom Interactive Dashboard***
Start the driving lessons early with this hands-on play steering wheel. The dashboard comes equipped with lights, a radio, adjustable air-conditioning vents, sport mode button, gear shift, key start and a full GPS display. $55, ages 3+ years

2020 gift guide picks for little kids

For Little Kids

“I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark”*
This biographical picture book celebrates the life of the esteemed U.S. Supreme Court justice and teaches young readers the difference between disagreeing with others and being disagreeable. $19, ages 4-8 years

BUILDZI by Tenzi***
Friends and family can compete against each other to be the first to build their colorful tower. This 3D game of Tetris is a great way to practice problem solving and team building. $25, ages 6+ years

Good Banana Floor Floaties Play Space Cushion***
An inflatable pool floaty-plush furniture hybrid, this comfy cushion is the perfect spot for kids to play, read or watch TV. Choose from six adorable (and tasty) styles, including a cupcake, doughnut, pizza and cheeseburger. $120, any age

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Robot Pet Shop**
Future mechanical engineers can learn to build a robotic pet that uses a battery-powered motor to move around. Kids can create eight different adorable animals, including an owl, sloth, chameleon and French bulldog. $30, ages 5+ years

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course***
Gamers-in-training can build their own Super Mario course using LEGO, combining this starter set with other expansion packs to create epic adventures. Mario lights up, and a speaker plays sound effects and music. $60, ages 6+ years

2020 gift guide picks for big kids

For Big Kids

Fashion Angels Fashion Design Light Sketch Pad*
This light-up sketch pad includes six stencil sheets and stickers, allowing wannabe fashion designers to trace and color their own line of clothing and accessories. $30, ages 10+ years

Thames & Kosmos SolarBots 8-in-1 Solar Robot Kit**
Powered by the sun, this DIY robot offers tweens a lesson in engineering as well as environmental sustainability. Once built, this bot can beat a drum, crawl, somersault and more. $25, ages 9+ years

Kids Against Maturity***
With its juvenile humor—including fart jokes, of course—this kid-friendly version of Cards Against Humanity will have kids in stitches. Parents can try not to laugh, but they won’t succeed. $30, ages 10+ years

Thames & Kosmos Mega Cyborg Hand***
Introduce early elementary-age kids to engineering with a robotic hand they can build, wear and operate. This STEM toy uses hydraulic power to simulate hand movements so they can practice picking up and holding different items. $40, ages 7+

Vango The #UpsideDownChallenge Game***
Wearing goggles that make the world flip upside down, kids compete to do everyday tasks such as pouring water or writing their name. The results are LOL hysterical. $20, ages 8+ years


*Wee Chic, 2905 District Ave. #120, Fairfax, VA 22031 | 703-936-0500 | weechic.com

**Doodlehopper 4 Kids, 234 W. Broad St., Falls Church, VA 22046
703-241-2262 | doodlehopper.com

***Sullivan’s Toy & Art Supplies
4200 Wisconsin Ave., Washington, DC 20016 | 202-362-1343

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