Warm Baby Equals Happy Baby in Winter

Since babies do not have the ability to adjust their bodies to the right temperature, keeping a baby comfortable requires constant vigilance, especially during the Winter. Here are some tips for keeping baby warm courtesy of BabyUniverse Resident Mom Expert Jodie Lynn, and author of “Mommy CEO.”

Doctors say to gauge your own body warmth and look at how you are dressed and add one thin layer for baby. Additionally, if you only need a sweater or light jacket, so will baby.

Dress Baby for Winter:

• Stay with the layered look. Use easy-to-remove tops and bottoms to layer baby for warmth.

• Stay away from drafts. Be sure not to place baby near an open window, door or vent. Run ceiling fans on low as well.

• Keep home temperature at 69 to 71 degrees. This is the best range for a baby who is bundled up in her favorite blanket.

• Always put a hat on baby. Keeping baby’s head covered in cold weather helps build body heat.

Keep Baby Comfortable When Going Out:

• Cold weather calls for cover. Cover baby’s feet, hands and head.

• Warm up the car. When taking baby out on cold days, get the car warm before loading baby.

Going Inside With Baby:

• Remove hat, gloves and jacket.

• If temperature seems cool on the inside of a store, simply check to see how you feel and then make a decision to keep the hat and gloves on baby.

Tips for keeping baby warm are courtesy of BabyUniverse Resident Mom Expert Jodie Lynn, and author of “Mommy CEO.” BabyUniverse (www.babyuniverse.com ), is a leading online source of information and products for babies, toddlers, preteens and maternity.


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