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One of my favorite things about my 2-year-old daughter is her long, wavy brown hair. When she cooperates, we can make beautiful ponytails, braids or just clip it back with cute barrettes. Lately, however, she has decided she doesn’t like to have her hair messed with, not even combing! The result is a messy mop that is constantly in her face.  

I have tried lots of different hair accessories, from clips to elastics, and have had little luck. They either slip out or pull on her hair which leads to frustration and immediate removal.  When we got the chance to try a new headband from Violet Love, I was very hopeful it might solve our problems.

Violet Love was founded by Rebecca Michaels, an environmental engineer who decided to leave her career field and find a way to embrace her creative side. She entered the fashion world from Ocean City, MD, with her headbands and has since grown the business tremendously after moving to Los Angeles.   

With her background, Rebecca also wanted to create a company that was environmentally friendly. Violet Love reuses their printing materials and uses a process that creates no emissions or waste water. In addition, they use environmentally friendly dyes that contain no hazardous materials or allergens.

The Violet Love headband arrived just before our beach vacation. I threw it in my daughter’s suitcase and hoped it would be a great option for controlling beach hair that would be easy and painless to use. As we headed to the beach our first day, I quickly threw it on her head. Luckily, she loved it!  It is made of very soft material (13.3oz high-count poly microfiber fabric) and was simple to slip on.

Best of all, it keeps her hair away from her face and neatly pushed back. One of the things she complains about with hair accessories is the pulling and tugging. Violet Love prides itself on a design that is “No Headache-No Slip.” The headband lived up to the slogan, and does not grab her hair at all, yet it was just grippy enough to stay put through all of her daily adventures building sandcastles, running through the fountains, swimming and watching her brother on the windy crabbing pier.  

While I was happy the headband was working so well, I was a bit concerned about all the exposure to the elements (chlorine, etc.). Much to my surprise, the headband was easily hand washed. Best of all, after drying the colors/design stayed bright and the elasticity was still just as effective.

Our headband is a dark gray with a splash of bright colors, which looked great with every outfit she wore. However, I’ve already visited their website and started to pick out a few more designs to have in our collection since she loves it and it makes me happy to have her hair finally under control.   

The children’s size headband is 8” long and 1.5” wide, and comes in a multitude of color/pattern options. The headbands are also marketed as for boys, but I honestly think they are more of a girl’s style, though it is certainly a personal preference. Violet Love also sells a large collection of items, including headbands for adults, which I might have to check out as well!  Each child’s headband sells for $15; a bit steep, but worth every penny for this hair-challenged mom and toddler!

Violet Love Children’s Headbands

Manufactured by Violet Love

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Durability: 5

Ease of Use: 5

Comfort: 5

I would purchase this for my child: Yes

I would purchase this as a gift: Yes

Overall rating: 5

All ratings on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being highest.

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Christy Petrak is a systems engineer currently taking a leave of absence to raise her two children, Thomas (5) and Eliza (2).  She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming and baking/decorating cupcakes.

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