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 Toy Kingdom Keeps Little Ones Busy so Moms and Dads Can Shop


The thought of taking three young children into a toy store can be a bit overwhelming, but Toy Kingdom put my fears aside by having a very kid friendly environment.  The store is large and spacious, has several hands-on areas (such as a train table and book area), and even holds story times where kids sit on miniature plastic chairs to listen to the stories.  My children were interested in browsing with me, and once their attention spans were spent, they enjoyed checking out the toy cars and trucks on the train table.

The selection at Toy Kingdom is extensive!  They have lots of preschool pretend play and learning toys, building toys, bath and outdoor toys, dolls and a fair selection of children’s books as well.


Finding the type of toy you are looking for is made easy by large banners that hang from the ceiling with titles such as “Science,” “Dolls,” and “Preschool.”  Many toys are also organized by brand; all the Corel dolls are together and the Legos and Playmobiles are all together.  

I thought their selection of art supplies and kits was extensive.  Most of them are for elementary age or older, so in a few years I look forward to doing some of these art projects with my children.


Finding the prices of items is not as easy as finding the toy you’re looking for.  Most packages have a small white sticker with the price, usually on the back or bottom of the item.  Things that are large and on high shelves do not have the prices visible; you’d have to ask a sales associate to get the item down to locate the price.

I wasn’t thrilled with the customer service at Toy Kingdom.  The two employees I saw working spent their time behind the checkout desk, not readily available to answer questions on the sales floor.  But the day I went was during a busy storytime, so they may have been trying to stay out of the way of all the small children and parents at the store in the story area.  

Parking at Rockville Town Square is metered on the street or available for a fee in the parking structures.   But the great thing is that with a purchase your parking for two hours or less is free.  Just make sure the cashier validates your parking slip.  (I had to return to the checkout desk before leaving the store because the cashier didn’t immediately offer to validate my parking and I almost forgot to ask.)

Toy Kingdom is also affiliated with Toy Castle, a similar toy store located in the Cabin John Mall in Potomac, MD.

Toy Kingdom

36 Maryland Avenue, Unit C

Rockville, MD


Convenient Location    5
Customer Service  3
Decor  5
Price/Affordability  5
Kid-Friendly  3
Available Parking
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest. 

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