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Toy Corner in Oakton, VA, is all that you expect and want from a local, independent toy store. Carol Zimmerman opened Toy Corner 27 years ago – and she still runs the place. The store has been located in several storefronts over the years but always around the corner of Hunter Mill and Chain Bridge in Oakton, VA. When I visited the Toy Corner, I took my three year old with me for the experience. I have to admit, we both enjoyed that afternoon outing.  

Toy Corner is a good sized store with an impressive selection of merchandise. They carry all those specialty items you don’t find in the “big box” stores. Carol has been at this long enough that she selects the award winning toys (you know, the ones with those Oppenheim, Parents, etc. stickers) even before they win the awards. She’s a big fan of the timeless toys – the best of books, puzzles, games, dress up, science experiments, crafts – all the types of activities kids have appreciated forever.


Their staff is impressive as well. Carol is there most days and her second in command has also been around for years. They are more than happy to help you find just the right toy. A bonus is free gift wrapping (scratch that off your to do list), and they will ship anywhere. You could take care of all the kids on your holiday list in one stop.  They’ll find the perfect toys, wrap them, and ship them for you. Don’t you love full service? It’s not always easy to find…so we appreciate it when we do!



Toy Corner carries the trendy as well as the specialty toys so you’ll find the latest Lego stuff and whatever else is hot for the season. They know we moms are always after the latest thing – mainly because our kids are begging for whatever it may be.

When I asked Carol about this holiday’s trend, she said she hasn’t seen it – yet. There hasn’t been a huge trend since those crazy rubberband bracelets the kids had stacked on their arms and we had stuck in the vacuum’s roller brush. Carol likes it that way. Parents can be free to browse the store and find something that really meets an individual kid’s needs/wants.


The one trend that is taking us all over – technology – is obvious with toys as well. If you have a little one who is plugged in and isn’t happy when you pull said plug, you need to visit The Toy Corner. They have “lab” type toys that will interest your “plugged in” kids. I saw engineering experiments, electrical wiring kits, robot building sets, and tons more. I have a 13 year old who has always been into anything techie, and he has played his way through all of those types of toys for the last decade.  

Toy Corner’s location can’t be beat. It’s in the well traveled Oakton Shopping Center that has everything from gas to groceries to McD’s to Starbucks. With one stop, you could have those afternoon errands check marked – no parking issues or mall hassles. They’re open til 8 p.m. Monday through Friday which is a feature for the busy mom’s to do list that stretches beyond 5:00.

I’ll be going back to the Toy Corner for sure. My 3 year old won’t have it any other way!

Toy Corner

2918 Chain Bridge Rd

Oakton, VA


Convenient Location    5
Customer Service  5
Decor  4
Price/Affordability  4
Kid-Friendly  5
Available Parking
Overall Rating

All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being highest. 

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