Top 10 Safe Summer Travel Tips

As with any safety measure, parents should coach their children on what to do in an emergency situation. 

  1. Instruct children to “Never” go anywhere without first getting permission. 
  2. Have children wear up-to-date, discreet personal ID at all times.
  3. Parents always carry a current photo ID of your child. 
  4. Before going on an outing, play a game of “what do I look like?”  Have your children recite what you look like and what you are wearing that day. 
  5. If lot, tell children to stay where they are.  Don’t go running around looking for mommy and daddy.   Assure them you will return to where you last saw them. 
  6. Everywhere you go, point out an uniformed employee so children know whom to look for in an emergency. 
  7. Tell children to also look for another mother with young children and go to her.  Mothers are most likely to help other young children.
  8. Teach children to show their ID to another mother or uniformed employee in an emergency situation.
  9. Go over “stranger danger” rules: never talks to a stranger unless you need help in an emergency, stay a safe distance from people you don’t know.  Scream “Help – You’re not my mommy or daddy,” if someone tries to grab them.
  10. Teach children to rip off Who’s Shoes ID and leave it as a clue for law enforcement if a stranger takes them

These tips are provided by the Laura Recover Center and Who’s Shoes ID.  Who’s Shoes IDs are available portion of all sales will be donated to the Laura Recovery Center


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