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If you have a little girl, chances are you’ve put bows or flower clips in her hair. But have you ever thought of adding flowers and bows to your little ones’ feet? 

I hadn’t until we received a collection of just that: bows and flowers designed as decorative footwear for babies.  Toe Blossoms are flowers attached to ribbon covered elastic that wrap around a baby’s foot.  They aren’t shoes; just fancy foot decor. 

Toe blossoms come in two styles: Blooming Toes (which loop around the toe) and Blooming Wraps (which wrap around the foot).  We tried out three of the Blooming Wraps style, which seems less intrusive to a baby because it wraps around the whole foot, not just the big toe.

Before being introduced to the Toe Blossoms company I had never seen anything like their foot products for babies.  Although the flowers and bows were cute, they seemed a little too much for every day wear.  But if you were planning a summer wedding with many babies in the wedding party these could be just the thing.  

My main question with the Tow Blossoms was: will my baby keep these on her feet?  Turns out she wasn’t able to get them off her feet, (they wrap around the ankle and the bottom of the foot) but she did enjoy playing with them.  We first tried these on my daughter when she was only sitting and crawling; now that she is standing and cruising I now longer use them.  Toe Blossoms are intended for babies up to age one, but if your child is an early walker you’d be better off just going with normal shoes.

Many of the Toe Blossoms come with matching hair bows that are super cute and trendy.  My three year old (who is completely in love with the colors pink and purple and anything remotely fancy) frequently chooses to wear the flower hair clip.  My baby doesn’t have enough hair for that yet, but the clips work with cloth or knit headbands as well.

Toe Blossoms was started by a mom of three kids when she wanted something to dress up her little girl’s toes.  When I checked out their website I was surprised to find they now make a boys’ line of products as well.  (Most of them look like pretend sandals, i.e.: sandals without soles.)

Overall, Toe Blossoms are a cute product, but given the price and the short amount of time you can actually use them on your baby, I wouldn’t buy them except for a fancy special event, such as a wedding or family photo.

Toes Blossoms

Price: Blooming Wraps: $24; Blooming Toes: $22; Headbands: $12-14

 Durability  5
 Ease of Use  4
 Comfort  3
 I Would Purchase This for My Child
 I would Purchase This as a Gift  no
 Overall Rating

 All ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest.

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