Tips to Lose 10 Pounds by Memorial Day

 Weight loss tips provided by Dawn Peters of Naked Health.





  • Eat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and afternoon snack
  • Do NOT miss meals
  • Eat protein and lots of salad and /or green veggies (watch dressing or just balsamic vinegar/little olive oil if needed)
  • Reduce sugar & salt – especially sodas/soft drinks
  • Lots of water and sleep

PREP YOUR ENVIRONMENT – sort out your food stores and put/throw away ‘bad’ foods. Stock up with healthier options. Make sure you have water and healthy snacks on hand.

PLAN TO EAT – Plan your meals so you have in mind what and when you’re eating. You are less likely to graze if you focus on your next meal. Do NOT miss meals.

EAT REAL FOOD – choose unpackaged real/fresh foods – protein and veggies/salad/fruit. Watch your sauces & dressings – they can be loaded with cals, fat, & sugar. Reduce/eliminate sugar and salt.

KEEP HYDRATED – drink water all through the day – make sure it’s in yourcar/in your bag/in your office. Reduce/eliminate sodas/sugared drinks. Staying hydrated will increase your metabolism, mood and energy levels.

REDUCE/ELIMINATE ALCOHOL – this alone can make a huge difference to how your body burns and stores fat.

SLEEP – get it! Make sure you get enough on a consistent basis. This alone can reduce your cravings, mood and energy levels.

MOVE MORE – whether it’s walking, jumping jacks, or maybe squats and abswhile watching TV – just do it!  It’ll boost your metabolism, burn cals, boost your mood and clear your head.

It’s all in the power of your decision!

Dawn Peters is an international coach and personal development veteran, turned entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker. Stemming from a formal education in Psychology, Therapeutic Massage, coupled with Nutrition, Cordon Bleu cooking in Europe, and global travels, she recovered from years of yo-yo’ing in her own weight, and shifted her ‘food/lifestyle mindset.’  After 10 years coaching people around the world, she moved here to America and has focused for the last 13 yrs on the mind-body-food connection. Through Naked Health she empowers people with the lifestyle habits that fuel them!; [email protected]; 877-653-4384.


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