Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Travel

By Tanya Schoor

With the holidays fast approaching, vacation is on our minds. This is when we all want to get away and spend time with those that we love. But we also know that holiday travel itself can be a great source of stress. Should you drive, fly, or take a train? What is the fastest, easiest, and most budget-friendly choice for your family? The options can seem endless, but your decision can help create a meaningful and memorable holiday vacation.

Car Travel

With the price of gasoline these days, many families are trying to avoid excessive car travel. Unfortunately, we also see the rising price reflected in increasingly expensive air and rail fares. If you are traveling locally or visiting not-so-distant relatives, hitting the interstate may be your best option. Road trips provide wonderful family time and eliminate the hassle of long airport security lines and check points. Check road conditions and plan your route before you leave. Stay on top of weather forecasts and time your travel to avoid rush hour. Proper planning can make traveling by car easy and enjoyable.

Air Travel

Perhaps you are planning a vacation to a more exotic destination and air travel is the way to go. Research and booking early will win you the best deals. A quick internet search of “when to book airline tickets” yields tips and tricks for saving money. As your trip approaches, follow up on the latest guidelines from the TSA to prepare your family for what to expect at the airport. Armed with this knowledge, navigating the holiday crowds will be a breeze.      

Train/Bus Travel

As an alternative, try a train or bus. This can be a unique and fun way to travel more moderate distances. Amtrak has rail lines throughout the country that allow you to see the sights while skipping the stress of driving. The Auto Train offers the convenient option of bringing your car along if your destination is Central Florida. Consider a train or one of the many inexpensive bus options if you plan to see the holiday lights in New York City.

No matter how you reach your destination this holiday season, remember to enjoy the ride!

Tanya Schoor is a Northern Virginia homeowner, newlywed and enthusiastic freelance writer. She enjoys researching activities and ideas that benefit Washington area families. She and her husband look forward to starting their own family soon.

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