The Gift of Pets: Stories Only a Vet Could Tell

 This Small Town Vet Has a Big Heart



It’s obvious when you read this book that Dr. Coston is the kind of vet any pet owner would love to have.  He writes with great wit and humor about the ups and downs of being in a profession where you are dealing with quirky personalities of many species, humans included.

Coston’s book is separated into chapters that tell the tales of his many years in the profession. He writes about his early days mentored by a doctor catering to farm animals and his brief stint with specialized equine physicians. He recalls the mishaps and memorable stories that accompany this varied work.

He also writes in depth about one of his assistants who overcomes personal challenges to become a licensed veterinary technician with his urging and support.

There are stories of the many animals he treated, from cats and dogs to rats and rabbits, and all of the challenges this presented. I read with interest his description of crazy gray cats, and had an aha moment about one of my own pets. (My Smokey indeed fell within the “psycho”gray cat category that he described!)

Coston also writes about many of the quirky, loving, endearing and sometimes infuriating pet owners a vet encounters day in and day out.  His descriptions are at times a bit overworded, but they convey the patience and thoughtful professionalism he sought to administer when doing his job.

Each chapter tells a new story, so this book can be read in spurts or all at once. It’s one you can start and read a bit and then come back to later. Anyone who owns pets or just loves animals will be touched by his humor and wisdom.  I know upon finishing it I wish he were my vet, and bet you will too.

The Gift of Pets: Stories Only a Vet Could Tell

By Bruce R. Coston, DVM

St. Martin’s Press

Price: Available on for $18.37

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