The Essential Guide To Bullying Prevention and Intervention

The Essential Guide To Bullying

Prevention and Intervention


I really like this book.  It was easy to read and helpful to parents and educators alike in understanding and handling bullying. 

I am the mother of an eight year old son (almost a year younger than some of the other kids in his third grade class).  He is physically smaller than boys his age, does not play any sports and is a very sensitive boy.  He is a perfect target for bullying.

As a mom, I want every weapon in my arsenal to help me understand how I can best help him deal with any potential bullying situation he may be involved in.  As an attorney I was happy to see the references to federal laws established to protect our children from bullying.  

The book is written and organized well.  It is 256 pages long divided into four parts and 18 chapters.  Each chapter ends with a box of “essential takeaways.”  Also contained throughout the book are sidebars containing further helpful information of a “definition,” a “parent pointer,” a “community watch” or a “bully buster.”  Appendix A contains sample antibullying pledges and letters, while appendix B contains a list of resources for parents.  

Part one of the book is entitled “Twenty-First-Century Bullying.”  I was familiar with the majority of the subject matter covered in this section.  It focused on how bullying takes place as much online through email and social network sites as it does in person at school and in our neighborhoods. 

Part one also introduced the “bullying triangle” which consists of three major “players:” the bully, the victim and the bystander.  Part one further explores some of the signs and symptoms our children may exhibit when bullying is occurring.   

Part two is about prevention, which starts at home by raising emotionally intelligent and strong children who as they grow will have the coping mechanisms we as parents have provided them through example and teachings. 

This part offers parents, educators and anyone else who cares about children tips on how to reduce the likelihood of children being bullied.  I have read quite a few books on parenting and I found this book was in line with the theories and advice found in the other books.  

Part three is “Intervention” which talks about laws designed to protect our children.  The federal government has taken great steps, however the states’ laws are highly inconsistent. 

Part three also explores how parents and educators can support and help targets of bullies, how they can help transform bystanders into “upstanders” and lastly how they can help bullies make positive changes.  Parents are given specific guidance on how to advocate for their child at their child’s school and at home.

The final part, part four is “Moving Beyond The Triangle.”  This section explores today’s discussions about bullying and areas where greater improvement is still needed.  Part four further explores how the community as a whole can help end bullying.  This part discusses the many projects and initiatives that are raising awareness and making strides to encourage bystanders to speak up to end bullying.  

There is so much great information in the book that I cannot point to just one major point I took from the book.  You just have to read the book yourself.  Each of us is in a different situation so what I might take away from the book you may not. 

The Essential Guide To Bullying Prevention and Intervention

By Cindy Miller and Cynthia Lowen

Published by Alpha Books – a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Price: $9.42 from Barnes and Noble online

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