The Do’s & Don’ts For An Energized Vacation

We can be so eager to leave all our cares and worries behind when leaving for our vacation, that we tend to leave our health along with it! Why is it that we throw all calories to the wind, only to spend the next few weeks mad at ourselves for the additional weight we put on which, for some reason, is then the most stubborn to lose?

What about treating your vacation as an essential ‘kick-start’ to some healthier habits? You’ll be away from the humdrum and stresses of life: fill yourself up on the fresh air, relax and enjoy the outdoor life!  How would it feel to not only have an energized vacation, but also return a few pounds lighter without much effort?


Here are some do’s and don’ts to put that easily into motion:


1. Mindset– Do stop and think before you go. Do you want this to be a healthy vacation, or do you not care if you put on a couple of pounds? By deciding ahead of time and making a commitment to yourself, you are far more likely to stick to your goal. Buddy up with a family member, or friend.

2.Travel Snacks– Plan ahead for the journey, your hotel room, etc. Plan according to your mode of travel, duration, destination, etc.

3. Check Your Portions– Maybe you do want to indulge in it all, and that’s OK. Remember to just have smaller portions. Split your meal as soon as it arrives, share with someone, order two appetizers instead of an entrée and, of course, don’t fill up on bread.

4. Be Active– Decide to get outside and move, move, move! Soak up the sun (Vitamin D). Do any fun active activity. Even just walking around site-seeing all day is great. 

5. Drink More Water!– If you are in a hot climate and are being more active, you will dehydrate quicker. Take your water bottle everywhere you go. Aim for half your body-weight in fluid ounces. Even slight dehydration lowers your energy and metabolism.


1. Fruity Cocktails & Alcohol- As ‘yummy‘ as they are, they tend to be loaded with calories due to the sugar. Not only will this help add-on the weight, but it will also cause bad cravings once that sugar ‘high’ starts to plummet! Instead, add a splash of fruit juice, squeeze in lemon or lime, use soda water or maybe add some Stevia (even diet soda if you must). Remember, with alcohol we tend to be less resistant to its effects in the summer, especially because of dehydration. And worse, alcohol, of course, makes us eat more.

2. Iced Drinks- It is tempting to want to pile on the ice, especially when it is hot outside, but be careful.  Such big thermal variations to your body can cause illnesses, upset stomach, etc.  Also, contrary to how it feels, your body can only absorb water at body temperature so it has to heat it up first. That’s why hot or warm tea is so prevalent in hot countries, as it prevents sweating.

3. Fast Food– We all know about the heavy calories, fat and salt chemicals in fast food. But pork, sausages, steaks and any other such heavy food is virtually a mood killer, making you feel tired and sweaty. It is just as easy to choose a deli option and your body will pay you back with more energy, better moods and less cravings. Healthier, lighter foods will keep you full longer. 

4. Be True To Yourself!- It is your vacation, your body and your health. Peer pressure is a strong influence; it’s too easy to just ‘go with the flow’ and eat or order what everyone else does. Stick to your goal and objective – no one else will care as long as they get what they want.


Decide what you want your vacation to be. With the right mindset, a few reminders and maybe even a buddy for healthy competition, you can enjoy an energy-infused break and return a slimmer, more revitalized version of your former self!

Happy Health Holidays!

Dawn Peters, of Naked Health, is an international coach and personal development veteran turned entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker. Through her ‘Mind-Body-Food Coaching Solution’ she facilitates, motivates, and inspires others to develop and maintain healthier eating and lifestyle habits. More information, including events, at or [email protected].


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