The Curefest DC 2014!

Smashing Walnuts Foundation Represents….

See Ellyn Miller, mom of Gabriella Miller and head of the Smashing Walnuts Foundation get her head shaved.  She got her new “do” at the2014Curefest on the DC Mall.  Her mission is to raise awareness of pediatric cancers – and to get the funding that these brave kids and their families so desperately need.  Currently only 4% of cancer research funds are directed at pediatric cancers – and these cancers areon the rise.  To find out more about Smashing Walnuts and Curefest, follow the links below.

To see the video of Ellyn shaving her head at Curefest, CLICK HERE!

To read our October 2014 article on Smashing Walnuts and the Miller family – and to truly appreciate how much Ellyn and her Foundation have accomplished in one short year (11 months), click here…you’ll understand the significance of 11 months once you do!



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