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Our moms had lots to say about their favorite ages and stages moments on a recent Facebook contest – be sure to like the Washington FAMILY Facebook page for great family discussions.

First Years

There seemed to be a consensus that the “after bath” baby was a favorite.

I love how after their bath, they have fuzzy hair like little chicks!!That is the best. – Shasta

Their smell {post-diaper change, of course} 🙂 – Lucia

Moms also agreed that there are fewer things cuter than baby fingers and toes – and snuggling with all their parts.

Unlimited snuggles! When they grow up, they start to get to “busy”for snuggling…so sad! – Heather

Nibbling on baby arms and legs 🙂 – Stephany

Babies can entertain themselves (and the rest of us) with the smallest of efforts.

The belly laughs!! – Sammi

Listening to them “baby babble” to themselves and hearing all the newwords and sounds! – Rebecca

Love that they are so portable and confined to a small space. If we knew what havoc toddlers wreak, we would appreciate this more. – Belinda

There’s nothing like a baby to make you feel like a rock star upon entering a room…

I love how they light up when they see you whether you’ve been gone hours or just minutes. – Kim

The“best of” truly doesn’t get any better than the iconic baby moments – rocking, reading, and singing…

Rockin’ chair time – Lisa

I enjoy picking out books to read them to bed. Like Paddington Bear and Angelina Ballerina – over and over again! – Cindy

I love singing to babies – despite my lack of talent, they don’t seem to mind 🙂 – Heidi

Toddler and Preschool

There’s no age when it’s more fun to teach them. Toddlers are such eager little sponges.

Being their first teacher and helping them learn their ABC’s and watching how proud they are when they accomplish something new! – Elizabeth

Helping them learn anything…but especially the walking. The smile on their face when they accomplish something huge…I love that!!! – Shasta

Watching them concentrate on something and the look of “aha” when they have accomplished what they set out to do! – Crystal

Their imaginations are truly never better – these are the magical years when their pretend worlds blend seamlessly with the reality the rest of us work with.

I love the time when everything is new to them, when they look at the world in awe and love to discover new things. – Tiffany

Enjoying all the” first” things along with them 🙂 – Lauren

I love their imagination. It never fails to amuse me. – Kim

Preschoolers teach us to appreciate the little things. Sometimes the best thing about this age is they don’t need more than mommy and a cardboard box to be happy for an afternoon at home.

The quiet, at home doing nothing but enjoying each other times are the best! – Seanan

Their excitement over simple things like finding a quarter or seeing anairplane in the sky…I just love it! – Jenelle

I can’t even begin to count how many rocks we have collected that are treasures to her. My daughter has helped me to stop being so serious and remember how it is to be silly with wild abandon. – Dana

As proud as we are when we send them off to school for the first time,we realize our kids aren’t babies anymore. They might just leave for college one day…gasp. In the meantime, just remember:

Quite simply, the cuddling! – Susan

Elementary Years

These kids still have a fearlessness. The ideas they come up with can range from creative to absurd, and it really forces parents to jump out of the box and join them.

They’ll try, fail, and try again without worrying about what other people might think. – Deana

You can find out what they enjoy doing and where they excel. It is a great time for them to experiment with different hats. – Barbara

Little kids start becoming actual people during this time –they’ll surprise you with how much they understand the world around them, and how they can actually contribute.

I love watching how they are starting to blossom into their own person! -Crystal

I love the depth you can reach with them in conversations and activities.It’s more of a relationship, not as “one-sided” anymore. -Kim

They can do more work around the house, lol. – Jan

Although my daughter is 7, she’s going on 13, so I really enjoy “thinking”she’s little and all of a sudden hearing her come up with these profound and mature ideas! Scary but amazing! – Marcela

I love that you can have actual conversations. And that the tush wiping years are finished. – Tanya

Our elementary kids’ become able to express themselves creatively. When they draw, paint, and write poems and stories, the output looks like what they wanted it to!

I love how their imaginations are so amazing!!! They can draw anything they want and they don’t have anything stopping their creative flow. Twoof my kids draw the most amazing pictures. 🙂 – Shasta

Getting to see all their creativity and imagination . . . we have lots of books and poems written in this house 🙂 – Jenelle

You can really see glimpses of what your elementary kids will be when they’re “big like you” – which you can still tell them will happen only if they eat their vegetables.

Tween Years

Moms report their tweens are a bit radical in their moods.Experienced parents have learned to soak up the good days – it’ll get you through the challenges.

I’m really enjoying being my daughter’s “go-gal” for makeup and hair tips. When she asks me to help with her hair, we have some great girl chats. – Lisa

When they still prefer being with us over their friends (doesn’t happen often, but it happens!) – Marcela

It is the best feeling when you see your child navigating the waves by himself – to see him make good decisions or hear from another parent your kid was polite – you gave him the tools, and he’s using them. Yea Moms!

While it can be a stressful age, you really get to discover who they are becoming. – Barbara

Getting a glimpse of the adults they’ll become. Watching my daughter get nervous about and all prettied up for her 8th grade formal was priceless. – Alisa

I love to put out moral questions and see how they answer them. They are great conversationalists if you ask the right questions. – Annie

A few parents admitted their best thing was that tweens are more independent and require less hands-on time. It’s not a bad plan for parents and tweens to recharge their batteries.

Best part is that they like to sleep late! – Sara

Tweens are a blessing – a blessing that challenges us to enjoy them for who they are and who they’re becoming one “best of” moment at a time.

The fact that they’re old enough to go to sleep away camp!! Except mine refuses to go of course… if we couldn’t send her, then she’d want to go… I’m tempted to tell her she can’t go… – Joanne

Tweens are a blessing – a blessing that challenges us to enjoy them for who they are and who they’re becoming one “best of” moment at a time.

Cynda Zurfluh is a mother of three. Her previous life was a corporate blur of meetings and marketing. Her current life, while still a blur, is all about family, writing, and small business consulting. Contact her at [email protected]

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