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We couldn’t help but share this story from a mother who took her son to the Adventure Park at Sandy Springs. It’s so touching and showed us that kids can get great exercise and have tons of fun while doing it! Thanks for sharing your touching story with us, Leah!

“My son has learning differences – somecall it ADHD, some call it high functioning autism, I say WHATEVER he is thesweetest most wonderful child ever, but yes, he is different, definitely aworrier and he has difficulty making friends.  We recently moved to theWashington DC area after living overseas for 2 years.  I signed Nami upfor the cub scouts to help him make friends.  He’s not well coordinatedfor sports, and is about the size of a 5 year old even though he’s 7 whichdoesn’t help his cause. 

He went to the adventure park yesterday for a cubscout activity.  Initially so afraid that he had to be “rescued”in the middle of the course, as the day went on, Nami gradually got his confidenceand came in to his own.  Here is a “sport” where his size andagility work to his favor (except on the zip line because at 43 lbs., he can’tquite make it all the way across).  Once he got over his fears, Nami was achampion, feeling so proud of his ability to manuever, his fearlessness atshaking bridges and nets to make it more challenging for himself, and finally,at the end of the day realizing that if his weight wasn’t enough to propel himall the way across the zip line, he does indeed have the body strength to turnaround and pull himself backwards hand over hand to the other side. 

Ourouting to the Adventure Park did wonders for his self-confidence.  My son,normally not quite at home in his body, finished the day brimming with prideand excitement over his accomplishment.”

Check out the Adventure Park at Sandy Springs!

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