A little love from our advertisers…

Evergreen Summer Camp

We were down in enrollment for a particular camp, and with the tools that FAMILY Magazine offered, we were able to boost enrollment and increase website traffic substantially!

   -Lourdes B., Director of Programs, Evergreen Montessori School and Evergreen Summer


Loudoun Country Day School

Loudoun Country Day School has been educating students in Northern Virginia for over 50 years and is committed to creating a warm and nurturing atmosphere while maintaining a robust educational standard for its students. Many people refer to our school as their “school family” and as our classes graduate, Dr. Hollister always reminds them that they are part of our LCDS school family and will always be and to return often. Washington FAMILY also promotes all that is best for its families in the advertisers it accepts, the articles it chooses, and the commitment to keeping its readers informed. Not only have we been happy to advertise with Washington FAMILY for many years because of our shared values, we would also like to commend Jim Haiz for the excellent job he does as an advertising representative and for the cooperative spirit and good humor he always displays towards our school; and, yes, for his honesty when he gives a bit of advice!

   Amy W.- Director of Communications – Loudoun Country Day School


LEGO® KidsFest

Working with FAMILY Magazine was a strategic decision that paid off!  We were delighted when our event sold out 8 days in advance and FAMILY Magazine played an important part in that success.  Glad we partnered with them!

   Ellyn P. – LEGO® KidsFest


College Park Aviation Museum

The College Park Aviation Museum has been placing print advertisements with FAMILY Magazine for over 10 years now and we have a created a strong base of visitors through this continued relationship. FAMILY Magazine creates a wonderful product, has reasonable pricing, and all the staff are friendly and helpful. I know that our advertisements will be viewed by families all over the Washington DC metro area and we have always had success using the FAMILY magazine publication.

    Kristin W. – Program Curator – College Park Aviation Museum


Kensington Caboose

I have used a variety of advertising mediums over the past 20 years to promote Kensington Caboose.  I have found my experience with FAMILY Magazine to be one of the best in this regard.  From negotiating the yearly contract to working on the initial layout of the ad to seeing the final printed or online ad, the FAMILY Magazine contact has worked efficiently and responsively with me.  FAMILY Magazine has provided a fast, simple and effective way to spread the word about my business to my customer market and to target them with specific information on upcoming promotions and events.

    Joyce C. – Kensington Caboose


Friendship Children’s Center

We are proud to be part of this local magazine. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with FAMILY Magazine.”  

   Lisa D. – Friendship Children’s Center



Camp Fair Responses: 



A++ Job!! Couldn’t have been better. Loved the location, and thanks for going the extra mile for our pony!!

   Becky Fleming – Office Manager – AAES


From our November 2012 Cover Girl, Chief Cathy Lanier:

Throughout our interview I was talking a million miles a minute and was interrupted a dozen times…. I don’t know how you did itbut you  did a better job of expressing my thoughts than I have ever been able to. You are a very impressive writer! My Mom and I both love the story very much. Speaking as a person who is typically only in the news when something bad happens; I can tell you this article was a very refreshing, honest (and realistic) look at family life. As far as I am concerned, the article captured what I think is important about my  “real life”  and the way I view my family.

-Chief Cathy L. Lanier


…And also from our readers!

FAMILY Magazine always knows what’s going on in the DC area forfamilies – it’s a resource I always turn to when “there’s nothing to do!” – Stefany M.

I love FAMILY Magazine because you supply me with plenty of options for entertaining the kids = you keep me sane. – Kim B.

I love FAMILY Magazine for organizing a lot details for family like events, schools, guides, etc. It helps me a lot on last minutes/weekends in Washington D.C. area for my 2 little daughters.

I love the FAMILY Magazine because it keeps me connected to the community and the events in the area.

– Julie H.

As a parent we are always learning something new as our children grow. However, when I ran across FAMILY Magazine I was enthusiastically blown away.  What an incredible resourcefor every parent. What I love the most are the endless numbers of lists that FAMILY Magazine publishes. Schools, they have a list for that. Summer Camps, they have a list for that too. Party places and ideas, you guessed – LIST! Need I say more? FAMILY Magazine has all the critically important lists any parent could ever need. Thank you FAMILY Magazine for a great parenting resource.                                          

– Glenn Hughes                                     



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