Teachers of the Year: Sarah Saladini

Third Grade Teacher at Old Bridge Elementary in Woodbridge, VA

Nominated by: Laurie M.

“Sarah goes above and beyond the classroom. She gets involved in all the events of the school along with knowing each child personally and their needs. She makes learning interesting and is known by most who go to the school. She’s a very active mother of two children, has been on the board of the homeowners association where she lives, helps her extended family out without question and does a top notch job in her classroom. She never allows anything to get in her way and has even conquered her own personal situations and goals with a smile on her face; never to be defeated!”

“Seeing the look on a student’s face the first time he or she really ‘gets’ a concept, or witnesses a new experience is a very rewarding feeling.”

Q&A with Sarah Saladini

Why do you think teachers are important?

Teachers play an important role in shaping our future society. We work to help children with academic performance, but we also help guide them to make meaningful choices for success in life later on. We focus on real life concepts of what we learn everyday and how it applies to their life currently or how it could apply later.

What is the single best piece of advice you can give parents of third-graders?

Be involved. Ask your children about their day. Check their homework and go over assignments when they come home. Talk about activities as you do them, like cooking, traveling and watching TV.

What’s your funniest teaching moment?

My third-graders keep me laughing all the time. We enjoy trading jokes and they love teasing me about my fear of cats and clowns.

What makes you excited to go into your school each day?

I get so excited to see my students’ smiles, receive their hugs and I enjoy the opportunity to interact with past students. I love the energy and excitement they bring each day. Seeing the look on a student’s face the first time he or she really “gets” a concept, or witnesses a new experience is a very rewarding feeling.

What advice would you give to aspiring teachers?

Reflect. You’ll never become better at what you’re doing if you don’t reflect and make changes. None of us are perfect, but we all have the same goal. Reflection will allow you to grow as a teacher.

What are three things you use in your classroom everyday and could never live without?

Technology, books, and class rules.

Do you have any tried and trusted ideas or activities for motivating students?

A class economy has really motivated my students as they can earn rewards like getting to have lunch with a teacher or being able to sit anywhere they want in the room. It also helps with math skills and economic standards all year long.

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